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Statisticism: the erroneous notion that computing is doing research

Notes on Social Measurement: Historical and Critical is a major and insightful book by a distinguished American sociologist Otis Dudley Duncan (1921-2004) published in 1984. Duncan has introduced many statistical techniques to sociology, and studied mainly intergenerational occupational mobility. In a paper “Otis Dudley Duncan, quantitative sociologist … Continue reading

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“The principal enemy is orthodoxy: to use the same recipe, administer the same therapy, to resolve the most various types of problems; never to admit complexity and try to reduce it as much as possible, while ignoring that things are … Continue reading

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Albert Einstein on the power of ideas and imagination in science

What do economic sociology and political economy, or social and political sciences in general, have to do with Albert Einstein?.. you might probably ask. Well, they do — and hopefully at the end of this post you will agree with me. I … Continue reading

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The audacity of science

These days, as the new academic year begins, please allow me to wish you not to be deterred from inadequacy in your intellectual (or professional) journey; let inadequacy, accompanied by audacity, lead you forward. Oleg Komlik. “Science is inadequate, but … Continue reading

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Don’t mess with political scientists! Not to mention political economists!! ;-)

🙂 This is an actual problem from physics textbook: Halliday, David, Robert Resnick and Jearl Walker. 2010. Fundamentals of Physics (Ninth Edition). Wiley (p. 84)

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“Falsified statistics”, membership celebration, thanks and an important reminder

“The only statistics you can trust are those you falsified yourself” famously said Winston Churchill. I am glad to share with you today that according to our statistics the global academic community of Economic Sociology and Political Economy reached 30,000 members … Continue reading

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What is academic freedom?

“The most important aspect of freedom of speech is freedom to learn. All education is a continuous dialogue — questions and answers that pursue every problem on the horizon. That is the essence of academic freedom, of all scientific inquiry.“ … Continue reading

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Who is an economist? Here is Keynes’ answer

In 1924 John Maynard Keynes wrote an obituary essay for a prominent economist Alfred Marshall, one of the founders of the English neoclassical economics and Keynes’ former tutor and academic patron. In this fascinating piece of work Keynes astoundingly mulls over Marshall’s scholarship and intellectual life. Joseph Schumpeter, in his eulogy of … Continue reading

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International Political Economy scholars miss THE question of the 21st century: the rise of a global labor class living in poverty

In the recent years, more and more International Political Economy (IPE) scholars are dissatisfied with the current state of this field of research and desire to identify the ‘Big Questions’ of the 21st century. In this (open access) article, Benjamin … Continue reading

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Ulrich Beck has died. His powerful concept of ‘Risk Society’ is relevant as never before

Renowned sociologist and social thinker Ulrich Beck has died. Ulrich Beck (Munich University and LSE) has become one of the world’s most famous intellectuals and most quoted social scientists in recent decades. Beck’s book Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity (1986/1992) is … Continue reading

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