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Cross-Class Encounters, Social Capital and Moral Judgments at an Elite College

“The sociology of education is a chapter, and not a minor one at that, in the sociology of knowledge and the sociology of power…  [Given that] the structure of social space as observed in advanced societies is the product of … Continue reading

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The Closing of the Mind

“What is advertised as a great opening is a great closing.” Allan Bloom, The Closing of the American Mind (1987), p. 34 “Landscape with Figures” by George Tooker (1992) *** Join the Economic Sociology and Political Economy community through Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Google+ / Instagram / Reddit / Tumblr

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How to defeat Neoliberalism? Name and shame its carriers. Together we did it– and we succeeded!

Neoliberalism is a political project which sophisticatedly exploits the fictitious “free markets” ideas professed by mainstream economists and aims at reshaping the functions of the state and its institutions, in order to change the distribution of capital and wealth in a society. In … Continue reading

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When public good exchanged to private gain: neoliberalism, higher education and social inequality

Public higher education has a long history, and with its growth it is associated with the extension of a social right to education from secondary schooling to university studies. Following the rise in student numbers since the 1970s, the aspiration … Continue reading

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Name and shame: Warwick University to outsource academics to a subsidiary

While revolts against the neoliberalization and commercialization of higher education have been sweeping Dutch universities and London universities, the University of Warwick (whose motto is “Mind moves matter”) is giving in to the dangerous logic of “profit above all”. The university management will be changing the … Continue reading

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Inspiring Victory of Grassroots Activism: Chile to Have Free Higher Education

Due to enduring civil, student-led protests, Chile to have free higher education. This is a huge victory to grassroots activism and social movements. The ‘Chilean Winter’ started in August 2011. A series of ongoing student-led protests across Chile have been sweeping throughout the … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism’s War on Higher Education: the modes of material and symbolic violence undermine public pedagogy and democracy

This important and accessible book is about how policies and modes of material and symbolic violence radically reshape the mission and practice of higher education and its institutions, short-changing a young generation suffering from – and coping with – precarity. … Continue reading

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Democratic pressure lead to abolition of ‪‎university‬ ‪tuition‬ fee in ‪‎Germany‬. This ‪‎neoliberal‬ experiment contributed to increasing educational and income ‪‎inequality‬

During the past eight years, university tuition fees were introduced into most German federal states as under Germany’s federal system, state governments run education policy. Yet during the last months, as a result of political processes and increasing public pressure … Continue reading

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Inequality is not just about money. Inequality is literally a killing field.

Inequality is a socio-cultural order which reduces our capabilities to function as human beings, our health, our dignity, our sense of self, as well as our resources to act and participate in the world— argues Göran Therborn (University of Cambridge) … Continue reading

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‪‎Economics‬ Students of the World, Unite! ‪‎Students‬ from 19 countries call for change in the way the discipline is taught

The International Student Initiative for Pluralist Economics, which brings together 42 groups of economics students spread across four continents, is the first global protest against mainstream economic teaching. In the open letter they write: “It is not only the world economy … Continue reading

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