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Types of Sociology and Economics Papers :-)

Eventually we see genuine, intra-academic and professional self-reflections! 😉Locate the category you belong to, and share this with your colleagues and students! 🙂 While Maxim Ananyev boldly exposed above the affluence of economics knowledge, Kieran Healy offered below his own … Continue reading

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American Sociology’s Emergence and Separation from Political Economy

Rereading Philippe Steiner’s excellent, thorough and highly recommended Durkheim and the Birth of Economic Sociology (2011) — in which Steiner argues that there were two stages in Durkheim’s approach to the economy: a sociological critique of political economy and a sociology … Continue reading

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Sociology Journals and Network Proprieties of the Matthew Effect

by Luca Carbone* Science is a political field. As Bourdieu peremptorily said “the scientific field is the locus of a competitive struggle, in which the specific issue at stake is the monopoly of scientific authority” (1975: 19). Shifting a little the … Continue reading

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Economics to Sociology Phrasebook

In 1990, two economics PhD students at the University of Chicago, Jeffrey A. Smith and Kermit Daniel, got bored hanging out with their fellow tiresome economists and boldly decided to graze in new attractive fields. Sensibly skipping over political scientists and anthropologists, Smith and Daniel … Continue reading

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Theodor Adorno on the division between economics and sociology

In May-July 1968, Theodor W. Adorno, an eminent philosopher, sociologist and one of the founders of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, gave his last lecture series which were published in 2000 as Introduction to Sociology. In these accessible and lucid … Continue reading

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Statisticism: the erroneous notion that computing is doing research

Notes on Social Measurement: Historical and Critical is a major and insightful book by a distinguished American sociologist Otis Dudley Duncan (1921-2004) published in 1984. Duncan has introduced many statistical techniques to sociology, and studied mainly intergenerational occupational mobility. In a paper “Otis Dudley Duncan, quantitative sociologist … Continue reading

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Science is at your feet: Political Science and Sociology’s Most Cited Papers from Each Decade since the 1950s

Using the Web of Science database, Jim Moody (Sociology, Duke University) and Charles Breton (Political Science, University of British Columbia) took the most-cited papers in their respective disciplines, and produced a Top 10 list for each decade going back to … Continue reading

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Zygmunt Bauman: “Sociologizing makes sense only in as far as it helps humanity.”

Zygmunt Bauman: “…Sociologizing makes sense only in as far as it helps humanity.” in: Beilharz, Peter. 2001. The Bauman Reader. Oxford: Blackwell. (p. 335)

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On economists, sociologists, and evil – an anecdote and an insight from Paul Krugman

Professor Paul Krugman at the American Sociological Association conference:  “When I went to graduate school, I took international trade from Jagdish Bhagwati who explained to his class his personal theory of reincarnation which was that if you are a good … Continue reading

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How to theorize a research? Richard Swedberg’s “The Art of Social Theory” is a unique book about the craft of theorizing

In the social sciences today, students are taught theory by reading and analyzing the works of Karl Marx, Karl Polanyi, Max Weber and other classics. What they rarely learn, however, is how to actually theorize. The Art of Social Theory … Continue reading

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Sociologists are here to stay! We won’t be defeated by computers! :-)

According to the study on computerization of work, the likelihood of Sociologists to be replaced by machines is only 0.059 (Hooray!), for Economists that is 0.43, Computer Programmers 0.48, Stock Clerks / Building Inspectors is 0.64, Property/Real Estate Managers is … Continue reading

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Are you interested in grabbing a green tea or Asahi together at the International Sociological Association Congress in Yokohama?

I’m exciting to be heading to the International Sociological Association Congress in Yokohama, Japan. If you’ll be there too and you’re interested in saying hello/kon’nichiwa or grabbing a green tea or Asahi together, feel free to email me (komlik@gmail.com). We’ll try to stretch the … Continue reading

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Add your PhD dissertation in sociology abstract and short info about yourself to the International Sociological Association website

Join us in creating a global community of Junior Sociologists! The International Sociological Association has recently launched a new initiative to create a global community of junior sociologists who are working on their PhD dissertations or have completed them in the last … Continue reading

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Berger and Luckmann: “The social world was made by men — and, therefore, can be remade by them”

Berger, Peter and Thomas Luckmann. 1966. The Social Construction of Reality: A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge. Doubleday: Garden City, NY. (p. 89)

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