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Great academic opportunities: 16 calls for papers, 4 postdocs, 3 jobs, 3 PhD fellowships, a summer school, a research project

Dear ES/PE community member, I very much hope this post finds you well during this turbulent period of the global health and socio-economic crisis. As we’re trying to pull ourselves together and get along, see below a list of great … Continue reading

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“Herd Immunity” is Epidemiological Neoliberalism

by Isabel Frey* While most European countries are imposing lockdowns to stop the spread of the coronavirus, a few countries are opting for a different strategy: herd immunity. Instead of testing as many people as possible and implementing measures to … Continue reading

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The Probable Implications of the Coronavirus Crisis — Mariana Mazzucato, Eva Illouz, Alain Badiou

> Mariana Mazzucato: “Capitalism is facing at least three major crises. A pandemic-induced health crisis has rapidly ignited an economic crisis with yet unknown consequences for financial stability, and all of this is playing out against the backdrop of a … Continue reading

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Isaac Asimov on the thrill of learning and the peril of ignorance

While the Coronavirus pandemic and its probable consequences have caused many to recall the great Isaac Asimov‘s science fiction stories, his two beautiful and shrewd quotes which are no less relevant to our times sprang to my mind:  “[What’s exciting … Continue reading

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The Probable Implications of the Coronavirus Crisis — Costas Lapavitsas, Katharina Pistor, David Runciman

> Costas Lapavitsas: “This Crisis has exposed the absurdities of Neoliberalism. That doesn’t mean it’ll destroy it… The nation-state has always been at the heart of neoliberal capitalism, guaranteeing the class rule of the dominant corporate and financial bloc through … Continue reading

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