Emile Durkheim’s definition of Economic Sociology

Émile DurkheimEmil Durkheim’s precisely short and comprehensively rich definition of Economic Sociology:
There are the economic institutions: institutions relating to the production of wealth (serfdom, tenant farming, corporate organization, production in factories, in mills, at home, and so on), institutions relating to exchange (commercial organization, markets, stock exchanges, and so on), institutions relating to distribution (rent, interest, salaries, and so on). They form the subject matter of economic sociology.”

Durkheim, Emile. 1978. Emile Durkheim on Institutional Analysis. The University of Chicago Press (p. 80)

See also: Joseph Schumpeter’s definition of Economic Sociology and Friedrich Engels’  definition of Political Economy

“Il y a enfin les institutions économiques: institutions relatives à la production des richesses (servage, fermage, régime corporatif, entreprise patronale, régime coopératif, production en fabrique, en manufacture, en chambre, etc.), institutions relatives à l’échange (organisation commerciale, marchés, bourses, etc.), institutions relatives à la distribution (rente, intérêts, salaire, etc.). Elles forment la matière de la sociologie économique” (“Sociologie et sciences sociales”, 1909, p.13).

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