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B&B: Tax flight myth // Covid-19 and a crisis of neoliberalism // Models, morals and Wall Street // Caste systems persist // Smart City or corporate siege // New Labour’s unions reform

> If taxes rise, the rich will leave! No, they won’t. Contrary to popular opinion, although the rich have the resources and capacity to flee high-tax places, their actual migration is surprisingly limited — a video lecture by Cristobal Young, … Continue reading

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Towards a New Political Economy of India: the Formation of Rural Middle Classes

by Maryam Aslany* For observers of the developing world, the ‘middle class’ has become a key category of economic analysis and forecasting. The discussion suffers, however, from a major oversight, since it assumes that the middle class is exclusively urban. … Continue reading

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Foucault: Neoliberalism Redefined Homo Economicus

Michel Foucault, a lecture at the Collège de France, March 1979: “The characteristic feature of the classical conception of homo economicus is the partner of exchange and the theory of utility based on a problematic of needs. In neo-liberalism — … Continue reading

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Human Need vs. Capitalist Greed: a Gastronomic Rebuttal of Mainstream Economics

by Michael Symons* “A tap of my magic wand… and all you see is money!” With this, the conjurer distracts attention from healthy bodies, happy households, wise governments, and nature. Even the actual market of bread, apples and beer disappears … Continue reading

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