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Condemning the University of Leicester — Standing for Political Economy and Critical Management Studies

On January 18 — the first day of second semester — senior managers at the University of Leicester (UK) notified dozens of academic staff members and professional employees that their jobs are at risk of redundancy. In the midst of … Continue reading

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The Economist presents: the dangers of free hospital parking. The Neoliberal absurdity at its ‘best’

“If a hospital in a crowded city stopped charging [for parking], it would mean more frail, elderly people staggering into the accident and emergency ward on their own as their sons and daughters search for a space, more parents panicking … Continue reading

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Unpaid Labor and the Neoliberal Myth of Meritocracy

Several months ago, a British journalist and writer James Bloodworth published his first book The Myth of Meritocracy: Why Working-Class Kids Still Get Working Class Jobs. The main thesis of the book is precisely reflected in its title: it discusses the … Continue reading

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How to defeat Neoliberalism? Name and shame its carriers. Together we did it — and we succeeded!

Neoliberalism is a political project which sophisticatedly exploits the fictitious “free markets” ideas professed by mainstream economists and aims at reshaping the functions of the state and its institutions, in order to change the distribution of capital and wealth in a society. In … Continue reading

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Name and shame: Warwick University to outsource academics to a subsidiary

While revolts against the neoliberalization and commercialization of higher education have been sweeping Dutch universities and London universities, the University of Warwick (whose motto is “Mind moves matter”) is giving in to the dangerous logic of “profit above all”. The university management will be changing the … Continue reading

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Name and Shame: Major Attack on Academic Freedom and Labor Studies in Michigan

The Michigan Senate included in its budget proposal a penalty of $500,000 against any public college or university that teaches a labor-related course or offers a labor-studies program. Michigan State University has been considering an agreement to adopt a portion … Continue reading

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Name and Shame: Columbia University fired two Public Intellectuals because they hadn’t brought in enough grants

This story should worry everyone who cares about democracy, society and wants academics to play a larger role in public debates. Anthropologists Carole Vance and Kim Hopper, longtime professors at Columbia University’s School of Public Health got fired without compensation after … Continue reading

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