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Great academic opportunities: 11 calls for papers, 5 postdocs, 5 PhD fellowships, 5 summer schools, and 3 job openings

Dear ES/PE community member, see below an abundant list of great and interesting academic opportunities: 8 calls for papers for conferences, 5 post-doctoral positions, 5 PhD fellowships,  5 calls for summer schools, 3 calls for contributions to journals specials issues, 3 job openings — in various … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: Pressures of employability // Debt in academic life // Homo Economicus is a man // Funding religion // Racial inequality

Five thought-provoking  and interesting reads: > Employability is a tragic path of self-policing and the constant questioning of personal achievements, while “free-time” has become a mere continuation of the forms of profit-oriented social life — asserts David Frayne  > Why would a tenure-track … Continue reading

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Economics of Simplism, or why some countries are rich and others poor

“The use of knowledge by one producer does not prevent its use by others. Thus there is no inherent reason that producers in poor countries cannot use the same knowledge as producers in rich countries. If the relevant knowledge is publicly available, poor countries … Continue reading

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C. Wright Mills on the Personality Market

White Collar: The American Middle Classes is a pioneering and major study of the American middle class by a prominent sociologist C. Wright Mills, published in 1951. In this book Mills analyzes various aspects of the forming of a new … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: In defense of hierarchy // Piketty’s new findings // Turning point in think tanks’ history // When corporations led to equality // Marginalization of racial (in)justice

This time — especially worth reading (and sharing) articles: > In defense of hierarchy: nowadays society has forgotten the benefits of hierarchy, expertise and excellence — by Prof. Stephen C. Angle  > The very latest and striking findings from Piketty, Saez & … Continue reading

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Cross-Class Encounters, Social Capital and Moral Judgments at an Elite College

“The sociology of education is a chapter, and not a minor one at that, in the sociology of knowledge and the sociology of power…  [Given that] the structure of social space as observed in advanced societies is the product of … Continue reading

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Great academic opportunities: 10 calls for papers, 6 summer schools, 4 postdoc positions, 3 PhD fellowships, 2 job openings, and a research grant

Dear ES/PE community member, see below a list of great and interesting academic opportunities: 10 calls for papers for conferences, 6 calls for summer schools for students and junior scholars, 4 post-doctoral and visiting positions, 3 PhD fellowships, 2 job openings, 1 research grant, and … Continue reading

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Joan Robinson: Solutions offered by economists are no less delusory than those of the theologians

The brilliant Joan Robinson concludes her insightful book Economic Philosophy: “The neo-classical heritage still has a great influence, not only on the teaching of economics but in forming public opinion generally, or at least in providing public opinion with its … Continue reading

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