BITS & BRIEFS: In defense of hierarchy // Piketty’s new findings // Turning point in think tanks’ history // When corporations led to equality // Marginalization of racial (in)justice

This time — especially worth reading (and sharing) articles:

> In defense of hierarchy: nowadays society has forgotten the benefits of hierarchy, expertise and excellence — by Prof. Stephen C. Angle 

> The very latest and striking findings from Piketty, Saez & co: (lack of) income growth  and  inequality in the US, China, France 1978-2015 

Unlike the think tanks of today, in the 1930s foundations were studiously nonpartisan. This changed in the 1970s when the Chicago Boys’ moment came along with Pinochet’s coup in Chile — by Prof. Daniel Immerwahr

The postwar era of corporate dominance corresponded to a period of remarkable economic growth, social mobility and relative income equality – by Prof. Jerry Davis

> Decolonization downplayed the impact of the racist past on the present configuration of wealth and opportunities — an interview with Prof. Charles Mills  

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