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Capitalism precedes Existence

Capitalism precedes Existence. I pay before I am. How would you title this picture of reality? *** Join the Economic Sociology and Political Economy community through Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Google+ / Reddit / Tumblr

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BITS & BRIEFS: The myth of philanthropy // Global expellers by Saskia Sassen // Welfare encourages work // Hedge funds vs. student debt

Shattering the myth of philanthropy: the wealthiest donate 1.3% of their income to charity, while the poorest 3.2% Saskia Sassen on Global expellers: Urban takeover by corporations has deep impacts for equity, democracy & rights Economists tested 9 welfare programs to … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: Regulatory Capture // “Sharing economy” as exploitation // Development Economics in Developing Countries // Bring Antitrust Bac

– Revolving door & Regulatory Capture: a common political problem that Economists can’t explain – New modes of exploitation: “Sharing economy” and crowdsourcing as deskilling – How is Development Economics taught in Developing Countries? Analysis of 225 courses in 54 … Continue reading

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Class struggle — Karl Marx would be proud of this student

On a whiteboard at the at the entrance to the college library “Tell us what class are you struggling with and why? The Bourgeoise b/c they control the modes of production“ Although it should be “means of production”, I think … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: Slavery & Capitalism // Lobbyists’ lies // Austerity increases suicides // Court and Debt Buyers

– The histories of Slavery & of Capitalism look very different if we see them IN RELATION to each other, by Sven Beckert – All people are created equal; those who do Lobbying are more than equal. Lobbyists’ lies, by … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: Mathiness // Lottery taxes the poor // Surveillance Capitalism // Banks forgot the 2008 crash

– Mathiness: the use of mathematics by economists to persuade or mislead rather than to clarify — by Paul Romer – State lottery actually taxes  the poor and unemployed; 1% rise in joblessness leads to 10% jump in ticket sales … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: China and global capitalism // Credit score & dating // Class Actions vs. Individual Prosecutions // Religion & economy

Today we are launching a new section – BITS & BRIEFS: 4 links to interesting (short) posts and articles dealing with various issues in Economic Sociology and Political Economy. David Harvey: What “has kept global capitalism alive over the last … Continue reading

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