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Christmas and conspicuous consumption: “People want something that shows money”

The commercialization of Christmas in the light of — and in the wake of — industrial capitalism in the UK and US during the 19th century is a very interesting subject matter. (At the end of this post there four … Continue reading

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Joseph Schumpeter’s definition of Economic Sociology

In his monumental History of Economic Analysis, Joseph Schumpeter identified four fundamental fields of economic analysis: economic history, statistics, economic theory and economic sociology. According to Schumpeter, mastery in these four fields is “what distinguishes the ‘scientific’ economist from all the … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: Economists sell their prestige // Political Economy of Health Care // Economic forces in policing // Economic Anthropology

Economists sell their academic prestige to justify corporate concentration and capital accumulation — by Jesse Eisinger and Justin Elliott “The question of ‘Who decides?’ in health care has to be followed by ‘About what?’”; On Economics and Political Economy of Health Care, as … Continue reading

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Economics is an Imperial Science

George Stigler, a founding member of Mont Pelerin Society and a key preacher of neoliberal economics,  on what he proudly calls “economist-missionaries” (1984: 304) : “So economics is an imperial science: it has been aggressive in addressing central problems in a considerable number … Continue reading

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The ES/PE community keeps growing — more than 42,000 members reached

“Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable“, remarked Mark Twain. Today we gladly mark the festive fact that the Economic Sociology and Political Economy global academic community reached more than 42,000 members, which now follow us and interact on … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: Sharing Economy and Lifestyles // Newsletter in Economic Sociology // Digital Capitalism // Homelessness and Social Inclusion

“Sharing Economy”: praising the “Local”, distancing from the “Global” and rejecting the practices of earlier cultural elites – by Juliet Schor A new  open-access issue of the European Newsletter in Economic Sociology, edited by Sascha Münnich Understanding Digital Capitalism – A … Continue reading

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Great academic opportunities: 9 calls for papers, 5 fellowships and 2 summer schools

See below a list of great academic opportunities: calls for papers, fellowships and summer schools focusing on various themes and topics in economic sociology and political economy, with December 12 – January 15 deadlines. Share this list with your colleagues and students. Good … Continue reading

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The early Karl Polanyi: Interpreting “Socialist Accounting”

We are all Polanyians now. Karl Polanyi is probably one of the most famous and influential 20th century scholars in the eyes of social scientists today. It is almost impossible not to come across Polanyi’s citations and references in a very wide … Continue reading

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