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You found water on Mars. Very nice. So what about investing now tens of billions of dollars in dealing with water scarcity on Earth?

“While the great powers are trying to reach the moon, we are trying to get to the village.”  (Julius Nyerere, the first president of Tanzania, 1974) According to the United Nations: “Water scarcity is among the main problems to be faced … Continue reading

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The Audacity of Science

These days, as the new academic year begins, please allow me to wish you not to be deterred from inadequacy in your intellectual (or professional) journey; let inadequacy, accompanied by audacity, guide you forward. — Oleg Komlik. “Science is inadequate, … Continue reading

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The Political Economy of impression management / Impression Management of the political economy :-)

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The political economy of pharmaceutical industry and healthcare in developing countries

Do economic development and growth more or less automatically bring with them better medical care to the population of a country? Well, it is generally presumed they do. This assumption is also a core part of a neoliberal globalism fairy … Continue reading

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Lehman Brothers collapsed, but the neoliberal tune keeps playing on

Today marks the 7th anniversary of Lehman Brothers disastrous collapse and the ‘official’ beginning of the global financial crisis. This is what Citigroup CEO Chuck Prince said in July 2007, about a year before the financialization fete temporarily halted: “When the music stops, in terms of … Continue reading

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The Alienated Consciousness, Homo Economicus and Capitalism

Norman O. Brown, a brilliant American scholar and social philosopher: “The alienated consciousness is correlative with a money economy. Its root is the compulsion to work. This compulsion to work subordinates man to things, producing at the same time confusion in the valuation of … Continue reading

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The middle class and the politics of the rearguard

White Collar: The American Middle Classes is a pioneering and major study of the American middle class by a prominent sociologist C. Wright Mills, first published in 1951. In this research Mills analyzes the forming of a new class of the white-collar workers … Continue reading

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