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Zygmunt Bauman on Uncertainty

“I can’t think of any period in human history when people were really certain what to do, had no surprises and no unexpected developments. What is novel is not uncertainty; what is novel is a realization that uncertainty is here to … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: The Pro-market // From healthcare to a profit gear // Financialization against the Climate // History of constructing equality // Gentrification and neoliberalism

> How The Economist thinks: The journal always strives not to risk conclusions that may hurt the case for unregulated markets — by Nathan J. Robins > How during the 20th century health insurance initiatives shifted from protecting patients to an industry seeking profit … Continue reading

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Great academic opportunities: 12 calls for papers, 11 jobs, 2 workshops, 2 prizes, a research grant

Dear ES/PE community member, see below an abundant list of great and interesting academic opportunities: 12 calls for papers for conferences and workshops (partially funded), 11 job openings, 2 training workshops, 2 prizes, and a research grant — in various areas of … Continue reading

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The Washington Consensus: Sociology of Economics and History of Ideas

In 1989, John Williamson, a fellow at the Institute for International Economics in Washington, DC which previously advised the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, presented a background paper to a conference aimed to explore how extensive were the policy reforms that were then … Continue reading

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What is’t to us if taxes rise or fall? Thanks to our fortune, we pay none at all

The 18th-century English poet and satirist Charles Churchill wrote the following witty and sharp words, jeering and criticizing the aristocracy and the establishment of his time. The cit, a common-councilman by place, Ten thousand mighty nothings in his face, By situation … Continue reading

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Political Economy of Labor Repression in the United States

by Andrew Kolin* The task at hand is to place the political economy of repression within the contours of U.S. history and sketch in broad terms how, over time, repression is the product of dynamic and fixed relations between capital and … Continue reading

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The Art of Central Banking (2)

“The role of a central bank governor has a lot in common with that of a musical conductor, who leads people from different disciplines to create beautiful harmonies that add up to masterful symphonies. Of course, there were times we … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: Polanyi’s critique // Inequality and climate change // Ha-Joon Chang on economics // Conservative distrust in expertise // Infrastructuring stability

> Karl Polanyi’s Great Transformation and its critique revive every time capitalism and mainstream economics fail. Steven Klein contends that Polanyi’s recent critique reveals the limits of current political and economic debates. > From the 1990s, elites aimed to get rid of the solidarity … Continue reading

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