BITS & BRIEFS: The Pro-market // From healthcare to a profit gear // Financialization against the Climate // History of constructing equality // Gentrification and neoliberalism

> How The Economist thinks: The journal always strives not to risk conclusions that may hurt the case for unregulated markets — by Nathan J. Robins

How during the 20th century health insurance initiatives shifted from protecting patients to an industry seeking profit — by Elisabeth Rosenthal

Financialization of the economy obstructed Climate Change mitigation: Evidence from the 1980s US solar industry — by Max Jerneck

Constructing Equality: Women’s wages, physical labor, and demand factors in Sweden, 1550-1759 — by Kathryn E. Gary

> Gentrification as a geography of inequality and a planned neoliberal policy: it wouldn’t happen unless it was profitable for the wealthy — an talk with Peter Moskowitz, author of How to Kill a City: Gentrification, Inequality, and the Fight for the Neighborhood

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