About ES/PE community

The Economic Sociology and Political Economy community (ES/PE), founded and run by Oleg Komlik, is the largest global online scholarly society which brings together researchers, students, practitioners and activists interested in these fields of study and life. Our primary purpose is to disseminate the insights of socio-political research on the economy to the public and academics.
The community was established in June 2011 and since then has become a unique source of knowledge and widely recognized virtual venue for interaction among more than 65,000 members (who generate about 150,000 monthly website views) from about 150 countries: academic faculty, students, policy makers, state bureaucrats, journalists, entrepreneurs, activists, and anyone who is interested in socio-political analysis of the economy and economic organizations. We provide an online platform on which community members satisfy their curiosity, find academic resources, share relevant information, exchange ideas and create collaborations.
Original essays, reviews of illuminating books and articles, interesting posts from media outlets
, sharp quotes, instructive videos, important calls for papers, fellowships, job opportunities, and more – are regularly being brought to the attention of our followers; and all these related to topics in Economic Sociology, Political Economy, Social Study of Markets and Finance, Labor and Welfare research, and Sociology of Economics.
The ES/PE community often serves as a teaching resource in order to arouse and deepen students’ interest in the subject matter.
The ES/PE community firmly stands for intellectual activism and calls for public engagement of scholars.
In addition to this blog (to which you may subscribe via email), the ES/PE community is based on the main social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Telegram, and Reddit in order to be more accessible and reach diverse audiences. The posts are identical on all the networks and they are out at the same time.
The main goal of this blog (EconomicSociology.org) is to be a research database of the ES/PE community. It’s easy for navigation and use: search box and tags allow to find exactly what you want, send direct links to the entries, share them using social plugins, and comment. Though this online library has no pages rustle or confusingly intriguing corridors, it does accommodate a focused, rich scholarship collection and literature in Economic Sociology and Political Economy. Have a pleasant and enlightening reading!
You are welcome to spread the word about the ES/PE community, share our websites with your colleagues, students and friends, and of course join us and benefit from Shared Knowledge.
Read more about the community, its history and goals in this interview

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