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Financial liberalization hurts non-financial sectors via a brain-drain effect & decreases labour productivity

This interesting (open access) paper “Finance as a Magnet for the Best and Brightest: Implications for the Real Economy” examines how the absorption of talent into the financial sector affects the real sectors in the economy. Based on a sample … Continue reading

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Financialization, New Investment Funds, and Labour: An International Comparison

Financialization, New Investment Funds, and Labour: An International Comparison provides a comprehensive analysis of the development of New Investment Funds —private equity, hedge funds, and sovereign wealth funds—and their impact upon labour and employment. Several countries are selected for in-depth treatment: US, UK, … Continue reading

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Add your PhD dissertation in sociology abstract and short info about yourself to the International Sociological Association website

Join us in creating a global community of Junior Sociologists! The International Sociological Association has recently launched a new initiative to create a global community of junior sociologists who are working on their PhD dissertations or have completed them in the last … Continue reading

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An Angry Person’s Guide to ‪‎Finance‬’ explains in simple terms the defining features of the post-1970s financial system

 >Open access<Jack Copley (University of Warwick) counters the popular narrative that the 2008 crisis was a purely financial failure that a decent set of regulations would solve, by pointing to flagging capitalist profitability as the motor behind such financial expansion. … Continue reading

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Analyzing continuity and change in the economy: a double movement between the public and the private meta-fields in society

An interesting (open access) paper “Public and Private: Change and Continuity in Economy through Two Meta-fields in Society” offers a structural general framework to analyse continuity and change in the economy based on the idea that there is a double movement … Continue reading

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‘Capital’ in the University of Chicago bookstore.. Too bad it’s by the wrong author ;-)

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The Power of ‎Market‬ ‪‎Fundamentalism‬: Karl ‪Polanyi‬’s Critique — a must-read for every economic ‪sociologist‬ and political economist

As the eminent social scientist Karl Polanyi has stultified and debunked the erroneous ideas of economic determinism and market fundamentalism, Fred Block and Margaret Somers greatly contributed to the intellectual endeavor to manifest the ontological embeddedness of State-Economy-Society in their important … Continue reading

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“Anti-Corporate Movements and the Spread of Cooperative Forms in American Capitalism” by Marc Schneiberg

This interesting  (open access) paper sheds new light on the contentious transactions between movements, corporations and non-governmental organizations, expanding existing work on the trajectories, tactics and organizational effects of anti-corporate movements. Addressing the spread of cooperatives in the early 20th-century US economy, this … Continue reading

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Varieties of Capitalism classification is not applicable to Asia

“Asian business systems: institutional comparison, clusters and implications for varieties of capitalism and business systems theory” (open access paper) presents an institutional comparison of 13 major Asian business systems—China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Korea, … Continue reading

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‪‎Health‬ and social problems are worse in more unequal societies, even among the better off– not just for the poor

Although the impact of ‪inequality‬ tends to be most severe lower down the social ladder, outcomes are worse even among the better off, because inequality damages the whole social fabric of a society – increasing social divisions, status insecurity and status competition. … Continue reading

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Adam Smith: “Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production.”

Adam Smith: “Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production; and the interest of the producer ought to be attended to only so far as it may be necessary for promoting that of the consumer.” Smith, Adam. 1776. … Continue reading

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The Economics of Workaholism: We Should Not Have Worked on This Paper

 I think the title of this (open access) paper tells its story pretty good. I hope you’ll find time to squeeze it in  😉A large literature examines the addictive properties of such behaviors as smoking, drinking alcohol and eating. Daniel Hamermesh … Continue reading

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Austerity Politics and Policy in the EU and the Eurozone crisis

One of the key aims of “The Politics of Austerity and Public Policy Reform in the EU”, Political Studies Review symposium is to reconsider the theoretical tools available for understanding political and policy responses to the Eurozone crisis. Current EU developments and … Continue reading

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John Urry on social and political dangers of offshoring

Updated: Very sad news from Lancaster– John Urry, a brilliant, groundbreaking & influential scholar died on March 18, 2016.  The concealment of ‪‎wealth‬ and ‪‎profits‬ in ‪‎Tax Havens‬ has brought the topic of ‪‎offshoring‬ into public debate, but as a distinguished sociologist John … Continue reading

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‪‎Economics‬ Students of the World, Unite! ‪‎Students‬ from 19 countries call for change in the way the discipline is taught

The International Student Initiative for Pluralist Economics, which brings together 42 groups of economics students spread across four continents, is the first global protest against mainstream economic teaching. In the open letter they write: “It is not only the world economy … Continue reading

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