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BITS & BRIEFS: Labor in the Global Economy // Invention of consumers // Money costs more for poor // Business of travel and immigration // Slavery fueled capitalism

Seemingly different, but actually quite related five interesting reads: > How technological change, globalization and taxation shrank the share of labor income and empowered capital during the last three decades – by Prof. Kimberly Clausing > Money costs more when you … Continue reading

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David Ricardo: What is the Key Problem in Political Economy?

David Ricardo (1772 – 1823) was a prominent classical economist who gave systematized form to the rising discipline of ‘economics’, rightly termed then as ‘political economy’. The opening paragraph of his book On The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation (1817) contributes to … Continue reading

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What happens when we do not defend academic freedom

Rittberger, Berthold  and Jeremy Richardson. 2017. “What happens when we do not defend academic freedom.” Journal of European Public Policy (Published online: 18 April)  DOI: 10.1080/13501763.2017.1316946 Share this post, and see also: What is academic freedom? // Public engagement is a moral obligation of … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: Policies and perceived job security // Rubinstein, Rodrik and sociology of economics // Keynes’ oddest work // What have we learned after the crisis?

Unemployment assistance or dismissal protection? How do policies shape workers’ perceptions of job security? Interesting findings from 23 countries by Lena Hipp Ariel Rubinstein elegantly reviews Dani Rodrik’s superb book Economics Rules, adding his own insights on sociology of economics profession, … Continue reading

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Great academic opportunities: 12 calls for papers, 9 summer schools, 5 postdocs, 2 jobs, and 2 PhD fellowships

Dear ES/PE community member, see below an abundant list of great and interesting academic opportunities: 11 calls for papers for conferences and workshops, 7 calls for participation in summer schools for students and junior scholars, 5 post-doctoral  and visiting positions, 2 job openings, and 2 doctoral … Continue reading

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How 19th century finance and housing associations shaped 20th century housing regimes in Germany and the United States

Why has Germany become a country of tenants with a housing policy directed at private and public rental construction? On the other hand, why has the United States turned into a homeownership country? In an interesting article, Sebastian Kohl (University … Continue reading

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Framing Value of Things and Making Things Valuable

My experiences at Asian floating markets have included constant conversations between me and merchants, and thereafter between me and myself, such as: “How much is it?”  — “How much do you want to give me?”, he replies. “How much was … Continue reading

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