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Economics to Sociology Phrasebook

In 1990, two economics PhD students at the University of Chicago, Jeffrey A. Smith and Kermit Daniel, got bored hanging out with their fellow tiresome economists and boldly decided to graze in new attractive fields. Sensibly skipping over political scientists and anthropologists, Smith and Daniel … Continue reading

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Great academic opportunities: 13 calls for papers, 11 job openings, 5 PhD positions, and 3 visiting fellowships

Dear ES/PE community member, see below an abundant list of great and interesting academic opportunities: 11 jobs and positions, 10 calls for papers for conferences and workshops (several are partially funded), 5 PhD stipends, 3 calls for contributions to journals’ special issues, and 3 … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: Judith Stein // Philanthrocapitalism // Economic Sociology vs. Behavioral Economics // Talks on capitalism and democracy in media // Black proletariat

> RIP Judith Stein: a lifelong maverick scholar studying and teaching class, labor, elites, and race in the US history — by Nelson Lichtenstein > Philanthrocapitalism: there is no such thing as a free gift. Linsey McGoey on reinforcing the existing power … Continue reading

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Ten years after the 2007-2008 global financial crisis – the human toll in the financial services sector

by Gregor Gall* Ten years ago this summer, the first rumblings of the thunderclap of what would become the global storm of the great financial crisis of 2007-2008 were heard. The first rumble to be heard was of the panic … Continue reading

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The Virtue of Having Nothing to Say

Gilles Deleuze: “The problem is no longer getting people to express themselves, but providing little gaps of solitude and silence in which they might eventually find something to say. Repressive forces don’t stop people from expressing themselves, but rather force them to … Continue reading

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