Great academic opportunities: 13 calls for papers, 11 job openings, 5 PhD positions, and 3 visiting fellowships

Dear ES/PE community member, see below an abundant list of great and interesting academic opportunities: 11 jobs and positions, call for papers10 calls for papers for conferences and workshops (several are partially funded), 5 PhD stipends, 3 calls for contributions to journals’ special issues, and 3 visiting fellowships for junior and senior researchers — in various areas of economic sociology and political economy, with August 29 – September 26 deadlines.
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Calls for Papers:

> CfP: “Colonial debts, extractive nostalgias, imperial insolvencies – Reimagining financialization” workshop, Goldsmiths – University of London, September 22-23, 2017. DL: August 30

> CfP: 2017-2018 Oxford Graduate Seminar in Economic and Social History, Nuffield College, Oxford University (UK). Interested students can apply to present their research at the seminar during the forthcoming year. DL: August 31

> CfP: “Financial Regulation and Civil Liability in European Law: Towards a More Coordinated Approach?” conference, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 16-17 November 2017. DL: September 1

> CfP: “Political Economy of Democracy and Dictatorship” conference, University of Münster (Germany), 15-17 March, 2018. DL: September 1

CfP: “Law and Economics: Theoretical and Practical Dimensions of Interdisciplinarity” workshop, Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences, University of Helsinki (Finland), November 9- 10, 2017. No participation fee. One dinner and two lunches will be offered. DL: September 1

> CfP: “Pluralism and Economics 10 Years after the Crisis (and 200 Years after Marx’s Birth)”, the International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics conference (ICAPE), Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA, USA), January 4, 2018. DL: September 5

> CfP: “Labor market and Economic perspectives on large-scale Migration in Sociology” conference, Mannheim Centre for European Social Research of the University of Mannheim (Germany), November 17-18, 2017. There is a limited funding for travel and accommodation. No conference fee; meals will be provided. DL: September 10  

> CfP: “Media Industry Studies: Current Debates and Future Directions” International conference, King’s College London, 18-20 April 2018. DL: September 15

> CfP: “Tuning into the Noise of Europe: A New Narrative of Europe in Times of Crisis” conference, The Hague University of Applied Science (The Netherlands), 18-19 January, 2018.  DL: September 15

> CfP: “Child and Teen Consumption“, the 8th International Conference at University of Poitiers (Angoulême, France), April 3-6, 2018. DL: September 18

Calls for contributions for special issues:

> CfP for Journal of Social History‘s special issue on “Social Histories of Neoliberalism“. DL: September 1

> CfP for Revue de la Régulation‘s special issue on Dependent capitalism” in Central and Eastern Europe: Theoretical foundations and diversity of national trajectories“. DL: September 4 

> Call for a contributor to the edited volume Sociology and Cultural Political Economy of Post-Socialist Transformations in Eastern Europe to write the chapter on the case of Latvia. The description of the project and contact are enclosed 

Visiting Fellowships:

> The Jos Berghman Welfare Studies Stipend for junior scholars and PhD students to spend a research term with the Team Social Policy and Social Work at KU Leuven (Belgium). DL: September 1

> 8 Fellowships (senior scholars and postdoctoral candidates) for the 2018-2019 academic year at The International Research Center “Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History” at Humboldt University in Berlin. DL: September 10

> Three Visiting Fellowships in “Performing  Knowledge: The Politics and Economics of European Studies” at The Institute for European Global Studies of the University of Basel (Switzerland). DL: September 15

Jobs and positions:

Researcher to study European policies for global development at the interface of development policy and other relevant EU policies at The German Development Institute (Bonn, Germany). DL: August 29

> Research Fellow for “Matching Young People to Apprenticeships in Challenging Times” project as a part of “The German Labor Market in a Globalized World” Program at The WZB Berlin Social Science Center. DL: August 30

> Research Associate – Uses of the Past in International Economic Relations, Faculty of History, Oxford University. DL: August 30

Associate Professor in Economic and/or Financial History, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva, Switzerland). Prior knowledge of French is not required. DL: August 31

> Tenure-track assistant professor in sociology with a particular interest in candidates whose research includes the intersections of work, culture, and the economy; movements; race and inequality — at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Williams College ( Williamstown, MA, USA). DL: September 1

> Associate Professorship in Political Economy, Department of Social Sciences and Business at Roskilde University (Denmark). DL: September 1

Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Work, Economy, and Society  at Department of Sociology of University of Alberta (Canada). DL: September 5

> Faculty Position(s) in Work and Organization Studies at MIT Sloan School of Management. DL: September 8

Postdoctoral Researcher to work on the project “Critical Life Events and the Dynamics of Inequality: Risk, Vulnerability, and Cumulative Disadvantage” at The Department of Sociology, University of Oxford. DL: September 13

> Full Time Tenure Stream  Assistant Professor in Business and Society, Department of Social Science, York University (UK). DL: September 15

> Tenure track Assistant Professor in the areas of work, organizations, and economy at Department of Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago. DL: September 26

Doctoral scholarships:

> PhD program and three stipends in Business, Institutions, Markets at “G. d’Annunzio” University – Pescara (Italy). DL: August 29 

PhD candidate on Regional and Neighbourhood Dynamics in View of Life Course and Class, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences – Planning and International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam. DL: September 4

5 PhD scholarships in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies at the University of Milan (Italy). DL: September 4

> 8 PhD Scholarships in “Comparative Analysis of Institutions, Economics and Law“, International Programme  of Università di Torino (Italy). DL: September 5

PhD scholarship on the Impact of Fiscal Policy, Housing Market and Inequality on Growth at the University of Greenwich (UK). DL: September 17

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