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BITS & BRIEFS: Nancy Fraser on a crisis of care // Thomas Piketty on Anthony Atkinson // Politics of divination and neoliberalism // From Karl Marx to basic income

Nancy Fraser: “The financialized form of capitalism is systematically consuming our capacities to sustain social bonds… The result is a “crisis of care” Thomas Piketty on the passing of Anthony B. Atkinson: a great professional portray and a personal perspective  … Continue reading

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Great academic opportunities: SASE conference and 10 additional calls for papers

See below a list of great academic opportunities: 11 calls for papers for conferences and sessions on various topics in economic sociology and political economy, with January 31 – February 18 deadlines. Share this list with your colleagues and students. Good luck! CfP: “What’s Next? … Continue reading

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Karl Polanyi on the Rise of Fascism and Market Economy

A spectre is haunting the US, parts of Europe and the world — the spectre of Fascism and authoritarian Neoliberalism, veiled as “defensive democracy” and “common-sense patriotism”, disguised as social protectionism, perceived by laymen as innocuous populism. The bothering question … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS from Davos: 2500 people controlling the world economy got out of their limos and recalled the “problem of inequality”

It would be funny if it wasn’t shamefully true… See also: “I don’t see any income inequality!” “Me neither!”  and Goldman Sachs banker: “We have to accept that inequality is a way of achieving greater opportunity and prosperity for all” *** Join the … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: Historical perspectives on modern finance // Social Insurance isn’t Socialism // Blocking Class Action lawsuits by Wall Street // Failure of equal employment laws in Japan

Financiers of Victorian England would marvel at our nativity about markets and economics – by Prof. Andrew Odlyzk Conservative origins of Social Insurance, and why due to Hayek it became confused with Socialism – by Prof. Elizabeth Anderson Blocking of … Continue reading

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Zygmunt Bauman on Liberalism and Neoliberalism

Zygmunt Bauman, one of the greatest thinkers of the post-Second World War period, a distinguished sociologist and influential public intellectual, has passed away. He has departed to “liquid eternity”, his family told. This is a sad news and an enormous loss. During … Continue reading

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Great academic opportunities: SASE conference, 9 calls for papers, 3 postdocs, 2 jobs and a spring school

See below a list of great academic opportunities: calls for papers, job and postdoc positions and a spring school on various themes and topics in economic sociology and political economy, with January 14 – February 5 deadlines. Share this list with your colleagues … Continue reading

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Nietzsche: There is a type higher than the “productive” man

“Quiet fruitfulness. The born aristocrats of the spirit are not overeager; their creations blossom and fall from the trees on a quiet autumn evening, being neither rashly desired, not hastened on, nor supplanted by new things. The wish to create … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: Politics of Nobel Prize // Privilege of leisure // Future of money-like things // Corporate Social Science

Legitimizing “Free Market” and rejecting Social Democracy: Prof. Avner Offer on the origins, power and politics of Nobel Prize in economic sciences How would society change if the aristocratic privilege of leisure becomes the birthright of all? What if jobs are … Continue reading

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