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BITS & BRIEFS: Economics is a pseudoscience // Education, not privatization // “History is the graveyard of elites” // Inequality is a business matter

This time — especially worth reading (and sharing) articles: By fetishizing mathematical models, economists turned economics into a highly paid pseudoscience — by Prof. Alan Jay Levinovitz  The privatization of public schools is profitable, but it divides communities and erodes the … Continue reading

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Fictionalizing the Economy and Reviewing Imagined Futures of Capitalism

by Lars Crusefalk* In the book Imagined Futures – Fictional Expectations and Capitalist Dynamics, a leading economic sociologist Jens Beckert argues that social scientists need to put more emphasis on how actors in modern capitalistic societies handle uncertainty in relation to … Continue reading

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The Political Economy and Economic Sociology of Brexit

In the beginning, it is said, was Brexit. “Brexit is a revolution”, it is said from the right and by the left. Revolution, though, is a Janus-faced concept that “evokes dialectically linked oppositions: light and darkness; rupture and continuity; liberation and oppression; … Continue reading

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Great academic opportunities: 9 calls for papers, 3 PhD positions, 2 job openings, and a summer school

See below a list of great academic opportunities: 9 calls for papers for interesting conferences and workshops, 3 PhD and 2 Job openings, and a summer school on various topics in economic sociology and political economy, with February 20 – March 13 deadlines. Share this … Continue reading

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“I listen to money singing… It is intensely sad.”

  “Money”, by  Philip Larkin  Quarterly, is it, money reproaches me: ‘Why do you let me lie here wastefully? I am all you never had of goods and sex. You could get them still by writing a few cheques.’ So … Continue reading

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BITS & BRIEFS: Privatization increases inequality // Class mobility in Iran // Sacred cow or car? // Sociology of consumption and culture

Privatization increases inequality: fees go up, wages go down, and social exclusion widens – a new study found Political economy, class mobility and status aspiration in contemporary Iran — by Dr. Zuzanna Olszewska  Sacred cow or sacred car? Dr. Vandana Shiva … Continue reading

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Marx, Karl Marx – a Business Classic

😉 See also: Piggy bank for Das Kapital made in the Image of ‪Karl ‎Marx‬?! This is a blasphemy and sacrilegiousness! 🙂 *** Join the Economic Sociology and Political Economy community via Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Google+ / Instagram / Tumblr  

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