Oleg Komlik

Oleg Komlik Economic SociologyDr. Oleg Komlik is an economic sociologist, academic entrepreneur, and organizational consultant. He is a founder, editor-in-chief, and lead writer of the ES/PE community.

Oleg Komlik is Head of the Undergraduate Program in Behavioral Sciences and Lecturer in Organizational and Economic Sociology at the College of Management. He serves as the Chairman of the
 Junior Sociologists Network of the International Sociological Association and Treasurer of the Israeli Sociological Society. In 2017, he was selected as Young Global Changer by G20’s Research and Policy Advice Network.

The study of the influence of power, interests, and ideas on economic policymaking, institutions, law, and organizations shapes his professional journey. (a scholarly CV)
In his doctoral dissertation Oleg analyzed the institutional relationship between Israeli banks and the state agencies throughout the years. Particularly, the research scrutinized the evolution of the Israeli banking system and the institutional changes of the banking sector and the financial system in the Neoliberal age.
Oleg’s MA thesis examined the legislative process through which the global Anti-Money laundering norms and rules have been institutionalized in Israel in accordance with the local societal, political and economic context. This research was awarded the Best Master Thesis Prize by the Israeli Sociological Society, and the Outstanding Master’s Thesis (2nd award) by the Israeli Political Science Association.

Oleg Komlik’s contact details: email address // LinkedIn account // Facebook account


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