“People are living books. The real library of life is community.” Thank you all!

While 2014 is coming to an end and 2015 is knocking on our doors, I want to thank every one of you for being here and for making this community what it really is. Thank you for joining, for every like, every share, every comment and each click! Thank you very much for posting on our social media pages (Facebook, TwitterLinkedInGoogle+ and Tumblr) interesting articles, enlightening books, call for papers, videos, cartoons and ideas. These valuable contributions made this year a wonderful year for the Economic Sociology and Political Economy community: we doubled in size (we are already more than 28,000 members from about 110 countries) and our influence on online and offline debates is constantly growing. Achieving the main goal of our community — that is to disseminate the insights of socio-political research of the economy to the public and academics — would be impossible without your support, participation and enthusiasm. We jointly maintain the campfire–and I am grateful to you all!
Bryant McGill’s quote that begins this post accurately describes what this community aimed to be. Not on (inter)-personal level, what probably was McGill’s intention; but mostly on informative and explorative level. We are generators, consumers and distributors of knowledge. In this sense we are living books and our community is a real library of life.
More work ahead… Therefore please share the ES/PE community websites with anyone who is interested in socio-political study of the economy: your colleagues, students and friends.
Good luck to all of us!
Happy, intellectually challenging and thought-provoking New Year!
Oleg Komlik 🙂


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