BITS & BRIEFS: Polanyi’s critique // Inequality and climate change // Ha-Joon Chang on economics // Conservative distrust in expertise // Infrastructuring stability

> Karl Polanyi’s Great Transformation and its critique revive every time capitalism and mainstream economics fail. Steven Klein contends that Polanyi’s recent critique reveals the limits of current political and economic debates.

From the 1990s, elites aimed to get rid of the solidarity to instill skepticism about Climate Change — asserts Bruno Latour

> Ha-Joon Chang on the mystifying language of derivatives and how economics assumptions become gospel (RSA Animate, 10 instructive minutes) 

The distrust in expertise and validity is rooted in 50 years of conservative institution building, via media, courts, and think tanks — argues Kathryn Brownell 

Infrastructure for autocracy: the highways project in Nazi Germany signaled economic “competence”, and an end to austerity and political instability — Nico Voigtlaender and Hans-Joachim Voth

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