BITS & BRIEFS: Pressures of employability // Debt in academic life // Homo Economicus is a man // Funding religion // Racial inequality

Five thought-provoking  and interesting reads:

Employability is a tragic path of self-policing and the constant questioning of personal achievements, while “free-time” has become a mere continuation of the forms of profit-oriented social life — asserts David Frayne 

Why would a tenure-track professor sell his plasma to make rent? A story about debt and credit in academia — by Josh Roiland

“Homo Economicus is a man”; Economics rejects women and discourages those who take up the subject — to the detriment of all, argues Frances Weetman

Religion, economics and wealth: early Methodism was underpinned by a sophisticated management of finance and funding — by Clive Norris

Policy and systemic racism created vast and persistent inequality gaps between white and black in the US — by Tom Shapiro 

debt inequality work

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