Great academic opportunities: 10 calls for papers, 6 summer schools, 4 postdoc positions, 3 PhD fellowships, 2 job openings, and a research grant

Dear ES/PE community member, see below a list of great and interesting academic opportunities: call for papers10 calls for papers for conferences, 6 calls for summer schools for students and junior scholars, 4 post-doctoral and visiting positions, 3 PhD fellowships, 2 job openings, 1 research grant, and a volunteering position in various areas of economic sociology and political economy, with May 8 – 31 deadlines.  Share this post with your colleagues and students. Good luck!

Calls for Papers:

> CfP: “The Role of the State in Economic Development: State Capacity, State Autonomy and Economic Development”, the 29th Conference of European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy, Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary), 19–21 of October, 2017. The conference has tracks such as “Economic Sociology & Heterodox Economics”, “Social Logics of Economics”, and more. DL: May 15

> CfP: “Ethnic inequality on the labour market: cross-national perspectives and causal analysis” conference, organized by Department of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Center for Inequality Studies, 28-29 September 2017. No conference fee; lunch and dinner will be provided. DL: May 15 

> CfP: “Innovation and the African Past“, the 7th Annual Meeting of the African Economic History Network, Stellenbosch University (South Africa),  25-27 October, 2017. A number of bursaries will be available for graduate students and faculty from Africa. If applicable, please indicate this need in your submission. DL: May 15

> CfP: The 12th Sound Economic History Workshop (for PhD students and junior scholars), University of Jyväskylä (Finland), 7-8 September, 2017. No registration fee; meals would be offered; organisers strive to accommodate as many speakers as possible. DL: May 15

> CfP: “Imagining the Future – Financial Capitalism and the Social Imagination” conference, Institute of Advanced Studies at University College London, 11 July, 2017.  Keynote speakers:  Jens Beckert and Ruth Levitas. DL: May 21 

> CfP: “Finance as a Response to Global Environmental Crises? Critical analysis of the ‘economicization’ of carbon emissions and biodiversity” conference, Universität Hamburg (Germany), 29 Nov – 1 Dec, 2017. A limited number of grants will be available to cover travel and residence costs. DL: May 22 

> CfP: “Managing Racial Capital“, an International Symposium at the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies, Freie Universität Berlin, June 30 – July 1, 2017. DL: May 22 

> CfP: The Bank of Spain seminar in Economic History, Madrid (Spain), 5 October, 2017. DL: May 30

CfP: “Instability Growth & Regulation“, an International Post-Keynesian and Institutionalist Conference, Grenoble University (France), December 7-9, 2017. DL: May 31 

> CfP: “200 Years of Karl Marx“, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung conference,  London (UK), 8 September 2017. DL: May 31 

Summer Schools:

> CfA: “Between Market, State and Religion: Economic Realities, Social Justice and Faith Traditions” summer school, University of Antwerp (Belgium) , 27 Aug–2 Sep, 2017. Participation and stay for young scholars are free of charge. DL: May 14 

> CfA: “Business History: Debates, Challenges and Opportunities“, the 9th European Business History Association summer school,  Ancona (Italy), September 4 – 9, 2017. Accommodation and food will be covered. DL: May 14

> CfA: “Repoliticising Capitalism: Contradictions, Critique and Alternatives” summer school for PhD students, Roskilde University (Denmark), 31 July – 11 August 2017. DL: May 15

> CfA: “Interest Group Politics and Policy-Making in the 21st Century“, the 8th ECPR Summer School on Interest Group Politics for PhD students, advanced master students and postdocs, the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (Bremen, Germany), June 29 until July 7, 2017. DL: May 15 

CfA: Economic Policy and Complexity”, the 2nd Poznań Summer School in Heterodox Economics for PhD Students and early-career researchers, Poznań University of Economics and Business (Poland), Sep 29 – Oct 3, 2017. DL: May 15 

> CfA: “Solidarity Economy: Is it possible to foster a common agenda for Solidarity Economy in Europe?” summer school to researchers and PhD students, Centre for Social Studies (Lisbon, Portugal), 4 – 8 September 2017. DL: May 20 

PhD Positions:

Two Doctoral Scholarship in Transnational Governance and Institution Building, International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (Cologne, Germany). DL: May 19 

> Two PhD positions in the research project “Institutional Choice in Global Financial Regulation” at the University of Bamberg (Germany). DL: May 23

DPhil Scholarship in Social Policy to work on political causes of welfare state development in emerging market economies (3-year, fully funded), Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford. DL: May 31  


> Three Vacancies Available (Strategy Coordinator, Operations Coordinator, Fundraising Manager) at Rethinking Economics – an international network of students, academics and professionals building a better economics both in the classroom and in wider society, Manchester (UK). DL: May 11 

Research Fellow in the Political Economy of Electricity Provision (2 years), University of Leeds (UK). DL: May 22

Postdoc and Visiting Fellowships:

Post-doctoral Fellow to conduct comparative research in political economy, with a focus on political mobilisation and radicalisation, The GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies (Hamburg, Germany). DL: May 7 

Young Policy Leaders Fellowships (3 to 12 months) at the European University Institute (Fiesole, Italy) to policy makers, civic leaders, civil servants, journalists or young scholars with a key interest in policy issues. DL: May 8 

Postdoctoral Fellow, the Institute for Gender + the Economy at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto (Canada). DL: May 15

Post-doc position in the research project “Institutional Choice in Global Financial Regulation” at the University of Bamberg (Germany). DL: May 23

Research Grant:

> Research Grant on “Non-Standard Employment”, The Russell Sage Foundation. Proposals should focus on the causes and consequences of changes in the nature of employment, including the definition and measurement of non-standard employment, the implications of the rise in non-standard employment for labor force, income security, economic growth and innovation, and the wellbeing. DL: May 31 

Volunteering position:

> 10 years after the Crash: Journalist Support on a voluntary basis for Promoting Economic Pluralism – a coalition of NGOs and think-tanks to promote reform of economic institutions and systems. DL:  May 26 

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