“Falsified statistics”, membership celebration, thanks and an important reminder

ללא שם“The only statistics you can trust are those you falsified yourself” famously said Winston Churchill.
I am glad to share with you today that according to our statistics the global academic community of Economic Sociology and Political Economy reached 30,000 members (taking into account our followers on Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin , Google+ , Tumblr and here on our Blog). Researchers, students, practitioners and activists from about 110 countries have joined us, benefited from Shared Knowledge and most important – helped to disseminate the insights of Socio-Political research of the economy to the public and academics.
On this festive occasion I would like to kindly remind you that the main goal of this blog is to be the library of the Economic Sociology and Political Economy community.  In other words, as a subscriber of this blog you get only substantive contents: reviews and digests of insightful books, thought-provoking papers, valuable documentaries, sharp quotes, meaningful and funny memes. BUT, you do not get practical updates like important calls for papers for conferences and workshops, graduate and post-doc fellowships, grants and job openings ads. 30000In order not to miss this plenty of information, you are welcome to follow us on our social media pages (FacebookTwitter, LinkedinGoogle+) where in addition to the substantive contents are also posted useful notices  from the academic field of Economic Sociology and Political Economy.

You are also cordially welcome to spread the word about the ES/PE community and to share our websites with anyone who is interested in socio-political study of the economy: your colleagues, students and friends.

Thank you for being our committed members!
More work ahead… Good luck to all of us!
Oleg Komlik 🙂

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