Great academic opportunities: 13 calls for papers, 8 PhD fellowships, 6 summer schools, 4 jobs, 2 postdocs

Dear ES/PE community member, I very much hope this post finds you well during this turbulent times. See below a list of great academic opportunities:call for papers 13 calls for papers for online and off-line conferences (some are partially funded) and special issues, 8 PhD fellowships, 6 summer schools, 4 job openings, and 2 post-doc positions in various areas of economic sociology, political economy, and related fields, with May 31 — June 30 deadlines. Share this post with your colleagues and students. Good luck!

Calls for Papers:

> CfP: “Development and Underdevelopment in the History of Economic Thought“, the 24th ESHET Conference, University of National and World Economy (Sofia, Bulgaria) 24-26 September, 2020. DL: May 31

> CfP: “Survival Pending Revolution: Historical Materialism in a Pandemic Age“, the 17th Historical Materialism Conference, SOAS London (UK), 12-15 November 2020. DL: June 1

> CfP: “Dwelling in the Intersections of State, Markets and Big Data” workshop, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (India), September 24-26, 2020. DL: June 7

> CfP: “Why private property? How does the ecological crisis challenge contemporary theories of property?” conference, Nuffield College, Oxford University (UK) , 5-6 November, 2020. Keynoters: Simon Caney, Catherine Colliot-Thélène, Catherine Larrère, and Stuart White. The organisers hope to be able to cover travel and accommodation costs. DL: June 9

> CfP: “Designing Futures of Money and FinTech” online workshop, July 7-8, 2020. No fee. DL: June 11

> CfP: “International and Comparative Political Economy”, an workshop for early career researchers, Cologne Center for Comparative Politics (Germany), November 26-27, 2020. It has four topical panels: 1) Inequality (keynoter & discussant: Charlotte Cavaille), 2) Political Economy of Gender (Frances Rosenbluth), 3) Governance and Power in the Digital Economy (Anke Hassel), 4) Trade and Migration (Stefanie Walter). Accommodation and travel expenses will be covered. DL: June 15 

> CfP: “Repugnant Behaviours“, World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research workshop, University of Montpellier (France), 24-25 February 2021. DL: June 15

> CfP: The 12th Critical Finance Studies (online) conference, 27-28 August, 2020.  Keynoters: Gargi Bhattacharyya, Annie McClanahan. DL: June 15

> CfP: The 3rd Toronto Fintech Conference, Scotiabank Centre, Toronto (Canada), November 5-6, 2020. Scholars of management, innovation, organization theory, sociology, and public policy are invited. Will be given five travel grants for the top PhD student papers and several prizes for the best papers. DL: June 15

CfP: “Zero Credit: Countering the Dreams of Techno-Finance”, a special issue of TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies. DL: June 15

> CfP:  “A Post-COVID 19 Global-local Agenda for a Socio-ecological Transformation of Europe“, the 26th Annual (online) Conference on Alternative Economic Policy in Europe. No fee. DL: June 20

> CfP: “Elites and the Critique of Elites from the 19th to the 21st Centuries” workshop and Archiv für Sozialgeschichte‘s volume, Friedrich Ebert Foundation – Berlin (Germany), 29-30 October 2020.  DL: June 1

> CfP: “Good governance versus Corruption – Interdisciplinary Discussions“, an Inaugural conference of the European Institute for Socioeconomics, the European Academy of Otzenhausen (Nonnweiler, Germany), September 11-12, 2020. DL: June 30

Postdoctoral Positions: 

> Post-doctoral position  in Economic Ethics, Department of Philosophy, University of Gothenburg (Sweden). DL: June 1

> Post-doctoral Scholars in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual Assets, Department of Economy and Society, University of Gothenburg (Sweden). DL: June 8

PhD Fellowships:

> PhD Programme in Comparative Analysis of Institutions Economics and Law, University of Turin (Italy). DL: June 4

> Doctoral Research Fellow in Comparative Political Economy, the Cologne Center for Comparative Politics at the University of Cologne (Germany). DL: June 5

> PhD Vacancy for Research on Basic Income, the Centre for Sociological Research at KU Leuven University (Belgium). DL: June 8

> PhD Fellowships in Social and Legal Aspects of Globalisation, University of Urbino Carlo Bo (Italy). DL: June 11

> PhD in Economic Sociology — How multi-level micro-work networks elucidate the social and economic dimensions of artificial intelligence, the University of Paris-Saclay (France). DL: June 15

> Doctoral student in Economic History with a focus on Marketization, Lund University (Sweden). DL: June 18

> Doctoral Research Position in Social Inequality and Social Policy, the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. DL: June 21

>  PhD studentship in “Management insights for tackling grand challenges: the case of climate-related financial risks in the financial investment industry“, Organisation and HRM  group, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick (UK). DL: June 30

Job openings:

> Assistant Professor in Economic Philosophy, The Ethics Institute, Utrecht University (The Netherlands). DL: June 10

> Assistant Professor in Economic Sociology & Sociology of Work and Organizations, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy). DL: June 11

> Assistant Professor in Economic History, University of Groningen (The Netherlands). DL: June 14

> Executive Director, Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO), The Netherlands. DL: June 23

Summer Schools:

> CfA: “Anti-Monopoly and Regulated Industries“, an online summer academy organized by The Law and Political Economy Project, 8-week program with leading scholars, June-August 2020 (on Tuesdays, 6:00–7:30 pm). No fee. DL: June 1

> CfA: “Introduction to Post Keynesian Economics and Political Economy” online summer school organized by the Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre, June 23-26, 2020. No participation fee. DL: June 10

> CfA: “Repoliticising Capitalism: Contradictions, Critique and Alternatives” summer school, Roskilde University (Denmark), 27 July -7 August 2020. DL: June 15

> CfA: “Pensions, Social Services and Welfare: What future in the age of financialization?“, the 14th EAEPE  (online) Summer School, 13– 15 July, 2020. No fee. DL: June 15

> CfA: “American Political Economy“, an online Summer School organized by Paul Pierson, Kathleen Thelen, Jacob Hacker, and Alexander Hertel-Fernandez on August 10-13, 2020. DL: June 19

> CfA: “Mainstream Economics: Sold Out?“, The (online) Summer Academy by the Network for Pluralist Economics Germany and Protestant Academy of Thuringia, 10-16 August, 2020. No fee. DL: June 24

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