BITS & BRIEFS: Dynamic workplace suppresses // Economics is a religion // Conference as a neoliberal commodity // Networks conceal power // Business schools spur immorality

This time, especially worth reading  – and sharing – articles:

Life at the Nowhere Office: The “dynamic” workplace has arisen at a time when professional work has become increasingly insecure — by Miya Tokumitsu and Joeri Mol 

Economics is a religion: its doctrines are taken on faith and its priesthood is expected to guide us — by John Rapley

Academic Conference: a scene of knowledge circulation or a feature of the marketized academia — Fawzia Haeri Mazanderani reviews Donald Nicolson’s Academic Conferences as Neoliberal Commodities

Treating a networked life as a immutable fact tricks us into also accepting as fact the uneven development of power —  by Mary Pappalardo

Harvard Business School and the moral failure of MBA elite: Reshaping capitalism and strangling the ethics through academic training — Duff McDonald discusses his book The Golden Passport

Life at the Nowhere Office

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