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Trump as Messiah

by Ivan Light*  How can they still back him? During the Trump presidency, this question arose again and again when, despite a relentless succession of failures, lies, outrages, and scandals, his voters loyally backed Trump. The question remains unanswered because, … Continue reading

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Foucault: Neoliberalism Redefined Homo Economicus

Michel Foucault, a lecture at the Collège de France, March 1979: “The characteristic feature of the classical conception of homo economicus is the partner of exchange and the theory of utility based on a problematic of needs. In neo-liberalism — … Continue reading

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Forms of Capital and Moral Legitimation of Capitalism

by Ivan Light* The class system routinely provides people with resources they need to enact their inherited status. These resources are Pierre Bourdieu’s four forms of capital: financial, human, cultural, and social. A coal miner’s son will not need and … Continue reading

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Are Entrepreneurs Dangerous to the Market Economy more than Marxists?

Yes — asserts regarding the odd question in the title one of the founders of Ordoliberalism Professor Franz Böhm: “The entrepreneurs […] in contrast with their emphatic declarations in favour of the market economy, are more inclined, at least, to … Continue reading

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The potential and the limitations of venture capital as a source of funding for clean energy.

If venture capital’s role in clean energy is to be more transformative in creating a sustainable society then the trends revealed in this (free access) paper must gain momentum, but whether these trends will continue to gain momentum is not … Continue reading

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The Entrepreneur: Classic Texts by Joseph Schumpeter

A renowned economist Joseph Schumpeter has made seminal contributions not only to economic theory but also to sociology and economic history. The Entrepreneur: Classic Texts by Joseph A. Schumpeter, edited by Markus C. Becker, Thorbjørn Knudsen, and Richard Swedberg, contains several … Continue reading

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