The Entrepreneur: Classic Texts by Joseph Schumpeter

the-entrepreneurA renowned economist Joseph Schumpeter has made seminal contributions not only to economic theory but also to sociology and economic history. The Entrepreneur: Classic Texts by Joseph A. Schumpeter, edited by Markus C. Becker, Thorbjørn Knudsen, and Richard Swedberg, contains several newly translated texts and puts together, for the very first time, all of Joseph Schumpeter’s writings on the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship.
The volume begins with an introduction that points readers to the most important aspects of the works presented, but it also attempts to go beyond Schumpeter’s ideas, drawing on his basic intuitions of entrepreneurship to share a couple of key notions: that entrepreneurship consists of a new combination of already existing elements in the economy and that the entrepreneur (“The man of action”) has to break through resistance to the new idea, in him as well as in others.
This recommended volume lucidly presents the evolution and richness of Schumpeter’s thought regarding the role of entrepreneurs in capitalist society and economy.

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