Great academic opportunities: 16 calls for papers, 7 jobs, 4 postdocs, a winter school, a PhD fellowship, an award

Dear ES/PE community members, find below a list of great academic opportunities:  16 calls for papers for conferences and special issues, 7 job openings, 4 postdoc positions, a winter school, a PhD fellowship, and an award in economic sociology, political economy, and related fields, with September 16 – October 22 deadlines. Share this post with your colleagues and students.  Good luck!

Calls for Papers:

CfP: “Political Economy of Democracy and Dictatorship“, the 5th International Conference, University of Münster (Germany), 24-26 February 2022. Keynoters: Thiemo Fetzer, Monica Martinez-Bravo, Josiah Ober. DL: September 16

CfP: “The Changing Repertoire of State Intervention to Promote Development in an Unfolding New World Order“, the 7th Role of State in Varieties of Capitalism conference, Central European University (Hungary) or online, November 29-30, 2021. Keynoters: Elizabeth Thurbon, Laszlo Bruszt. DL: Sept 16

CfP: “Urban Space, Commodification and Ethics“, a special issue and online workshop in October. DL: September 16

CfP: The Financial History Network 2021-22 webinar series. The preference is for research that employs qualitative or institutional perspectives in financial, banking, monetary, and accounting history; sociology of finance; and the history of capitalism DL: September 17

Don’t you want to attend the most interesting and promising online talks and webinars on various topics in economic sociology and political economy from all over the world? Of course you do! So follow the ES/PE’s FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin pages, Whatsapp and Telegram channels to have information about these events that is publicized only on our social media a week before they take place.

CfP: The Economic History Society Annual Conference, Robinson College, Cambridge University (UK) or virtual, 1 – 3 April, 2022. DL: September 22

CfP: “Climate Change, Social Inequality and Health Crisis in Ibero-America Countries“, the 5th SASE Regional Ibero-American Socio-Economics conference, online, 1-3 December, 2021. DL: September 30

CfP: “History of Insurance in a Global Perspective” international conference, University of Basel (Switzerland), 20–22 July, 2022. DL: September 30

CfP: The Italian Society of Law and Economics 16th annual conference, University of Trento, December 15-17, 2021. Keynoters: David Soskice, Philippe Aghion, Lee Fennell. DL: September 30

CfP: “The Social Reproduction of Agrarian Change: Feminist Political Economy & Rural Transformations in the Global South“, a special issue of Journal of Agrarian Change. DL for abstracts: September 30

CfP: The 48th History of Economics Society Annual Conference, University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) and online, 10-12 December, 2021. Keynoters: Diane Coyle, Jessica Wang. DL: September 30

CfP: “Business History in Times of Disruption: Embracing Complexity and Diversity”, the BHS annual conference, Mexico City or hybrid, April 7–9, 2022. DL: October 1

CfP: “Rethinking Economic Theory and Practice for a Sustainable Circular Economy”, a special issue of Frontiers in Sustainably. DL for abstracts: October 15

CfP: “Languages of Consumption in the 18th and 19th Centuries” workshop, Call for Papers University of Basel (Switzerland) or online, 3 – 4 February, 2022. DL: October 15

The Call for Mini-conference themes for the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics 34th annual meeting “Fractious Connections: Anarchy, Activism, Coordination, and Control”, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 9-11 July, 2022. DL: October 20

CfP: “Global Crises and Global Governance“, the Barcelona Workshop on Global Governance, Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals, February 17-18, 2022. A number of travel grants for early career researchers will be available upon request. DL: October 22

CfP: “Technological and Organizational Innovation for Sustainable Development“, a special issue of Sustainability. DL for manuscriptsDecember 31

Doctoral Fellowship: 

PhD Studentship at “Reorienting Development: The Dynamics and Effects of Chinese Infrastructure Investment in Europe” project, The Open University (Milton Keynes, UK). DL: September 21

Postdoctoral positions:

Postdoctoral fellow in Ageing and Social Change to join comparative economic and sociological research on working life, Dept. of Culture and Society, Linköping University (Sweden). DL: September 21

Postdoctoral researcher to join the project “Labor Standards Compliance and Buyer – Supplier Linkages in Global Supply Chains“, World Trade Institute, University of Bern (Switzerland). DL: September 22

 Postdoctoral Associate to join a project on Sustainable Labor Standards in the Global Economy, School of Industrial Labor Relations, Cornell University (NY, USA). DL: September 30.

Three Postdoc fellowships in Postgrowth Welfare Systems, Lund University (Sweden). DL: October 10


The Society for the Anthropology of Work invites submissions for the Eric R. Wolf Prize, which recognizes graduate student research on the topic of the anthropology of work, broadly defined. DL: October 1

Winter School:

CfA: “Labor in the MENA Region”, the 1st Beirut Winter Institute in Critical Development Studies for junior scholars, the American University of Beirut (Lebanon), January 5-15, 2022. The workshop leaders include, among others: Joel Beinin, Anne Alexander, Adam Hanieh, and Elizabeth Saleh. DL: October 5

Job openings:

A tenure track Assistant Professor of organizations and economy, Department of Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago (IL, USA). DL: September 24

Policy consultant on EU Economic Policy with an academic background in political economy, the Institute for Future-Fit Economies (Cologne, Germany). DL: September 30

Assistant Professor/Professor in Law and Political Economy or Law and Industrial Organization, The Jurisprudence and Social Policy Ph.D. Program in the School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley (USA). DL: October 1

A full-time tenure-stream Assistant Professor of Innovation and Public Policy, the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto (Canada). DL: October 11

A full-time tenure-stream Associate Professor of Innovation and Public Policy, the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto (Canada). DL: October 11

A full-time tenure-stream Associate Professor in the area of Economic Inequality and Societies, the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto (Canada). DL: October 11

A full-time tenure-stream Assistant Professor in the area of Economic Inequality and Societies, the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto (Canada). DL: October 11

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