B&B: Neoliberalism as creative destruction // Surveillance business // History of capitalism and counter-genealogy of race // Workplace is the hub of political power // GDP is irrelevant

This time, especially worth reading  and sharing articles:

> Neoliberal capitalism is a “form of creative destruction. For everyone whose life was being regenerated or rejuvenated… there was someone, as well, whose life was being destroyed”, asserts Akash Kapur in his book India Becoming, reviewed by Manu Goswami (New York University)

> Facebook and Google are the surveillance businesses; You are its product; and their customers are the advertisers. John Lanchester insightfully reflects on the power and philosophies of these new colonisers, through reading The Attention Merchants by Tim Wu, Chaos Monkeys by Antonio García Martínez, and Move Fast and Break Things by Jonathan Taplin

> “The only place where Negroes did not revolt is in the pages of capitalist historians”, wrote in 1937 C.L.R. James, a writer and activist considered today to be one of the principal forerunners of a theory of the relations between race and class. Matthieu Renault discusses his contribution in the much-needed light of a counter-genealogy of race

> “The hub of political power is not academia; it is not the internet; it is not the media, or comedy,.. or friendship, or art, or theory. It’s the Workplace.” — by Amber A’Lee Frost 

> Imagine if public health research were funded by the tobacco industry. Now think about that: Fossil Fuel (oil, gas, coal) companies have colonized nearly every nook and cranny of energy and climate policy research — by Benjamin Franta and Geoffrey Supran

> Measured GDP and productivity growth become irrelevant to improvement in human and social welfare — by Adair Turner

> Congratulations to Modern Corporation Project, led by Jeroen Veldman & Hugh Willmott from Cass Business School , and  Purpose of the Corporation Project, led by a public interest law firm Frank Bold, on winning the 2019 Academy of Management International Impactful Collaboration Award. This partnership promotes in the various fields the essential linkage between corporate governance theory, practice and institutions

Move Fast and Break Chaos Monkeys The Attention Merchants Akash Kapur India Becoming

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