Great academic opportunities: 25 calls for papers, 8 PhD fellowships, 6 postdocs, 3 jobs, 3 summer schools, 3 awards, 2 grants

Dear ES/PE community member, see below an abundant list of great call for papersacademic opportunities: 25 calls for papers for conferences and workshops (some are fully or partially funded), 8 doctoral fellowships, 6 postdoctoral positions, 3 job openings, 3 summer schools (fully or partly funded), 3 awards, 2 research grants — in various areas of economic sociology, political economy, and related fields, with March 5 — 31 deadlinesShare this post with your colleagues and students. Good luck!

Calls for papers:

> CfP: “Understanding the political economy of digital technology”, BSA Digital Sociology Study Group event, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, May 27, 2018. DL: March 5

> CfP: “Financialization and development policies: Critical perspectives on new financial circuits for international development projects” conference, University of Hamburg (Germany), 12-14 September 2018. A limited number of grants are available to cover travel and residence costs. DL: March 6 

CfP: “The Political Economy of Migration in Africa” conference, African Heritage Institution (Enugu, Nigeria), June 28 – 29, 2018. DL: March 7

> CfP: “Global inequalities“, The Development Studies Association annual conference, University of Manchester (UK), 27-29 June, 2018. DL: March 9

> CfP: “Institutions and The Future of Global Capitalism“, the 5th World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research conference, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 14-17 September, 2018. The keynoters are Lynda Weiss, Xu Chenggang, Justin Yifu Lin. DL: March 10

> CfP: “The Working-Class Avant-Garde” symposium, London South Bank University (London, UK), 22 June 2018. DL: March 11

> CfP: “The State of Capitalism and the State of Political Economy“, the 9th International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy conference, University of Pula (Pula, Croatia), September 12-14, 2018. Various working groups issued thematic calls. DL: March 15

> CfP: “Educational Inequality: Mechanisms and Institutions“, Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies conference, University of Amsterdam, 5-6 July, 2018. The keynoters are Marius Busemeyer, Michelle Jackson, Ludger Wößmann. DL: March 15

> CfP: “Whatever Has Happened to Political Economy?“, The 15th Italian Association for the History of Political Economy conference, Università di Genova (Genoa, Italy), June 28-30, 2018. The keynoters are Geoffrey Hodgson and Harro Maas. Scholarships for junior scholars are available. DL: March 15

> CfP: “Feminist Debates on Migration, Inequalities & Resistance“, the 27th International Association for Feminist Economics conference, State University of New York at New Paltz ( New Paltz, New York), 19-21 June, 2018. The Rhonda Williams Prize given to scholars from underrepresented groups. DL: March 15

CfP: “The Non-Death of Neoliberalism” conference, York St. John University (York, England, UK), 25th May 2018. DL: March 16  

CfP: “Effective Financial Capability Interventions for Economically Vulnerable Individuals and Families“, The Journal of Consumer Affairs‘ special issue and the US Treasury Department’s Financial Literacy and Education  commission symposium, Washington, D.C (USA), Fall 2018. March 16 

> CfP: “Consuming In, and Consumed By, a Trump Economy”, one-day pre-American Sociological Association mini-conference by the Consumers and Consumption section, Rutgers  University (NJ, USA), August 10, 2018. DL: March 16

> CfP: “Law in Global Political Economy: Heterodoxy Now“, The Institute for Global Law and Policy conference, Harvard Law School, 2-3 June, 2018. DL: March 16

> CfP: “Transforming Cities: Urbanization and International Development Policies in the Global South in the 20th Century” conference, Freie Universität Berlin, 11-12 October, 2018. Participants will be reimbursed for travel expenses and accommodation. DL: March 18

> CfP: The 2nd international conference on “Cliometrics and Complexity”, École normale supérieure de Lyon (France), 4-5 June, 2018. No registration fee. DL: March 19

> CfP: “Growth, History and Development”, The 9th Historical Economics and Development Group workshop, the University of Southern Denmark (Odense, Denmark), June 4, 2018. The keynoter is Noam Yuchtman. No registration fees;  lunch and dinner are provided. DL: March 23

> CfP: “The moral dimensions of economic life in Africa” workshop, The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala (Sweden). Some funding from is available for a few scholars who need support; scholars based in African institutions are particularly encouraged to apply and an effort will be made to support their participation. DL: March 28

CFP: The 10th Critical Finance Studies Conference, University of Gothenburg (Sweden), 9-11 August, 2018. The keynoters are Saskia Sassen, Orsi Husz, Brett Christophers. The conference is free of charge. DL: March 30

> CfP: “Power and Governance: Forms, Dynamics, Consequences” conference, University of Tampere (Tampere, Finland), 27–29 August 2018. The keynoters are Gili Drori, Vivien A. Schmidt, Sylvia Walby, and more. DL: March 30

CfP: “Making & Doing Technoscientific Futures Better“, the 6th Annual Workshop on The Changing Political Economy of Research & Innovation, Lancaster University (Lancaster, UK), 23-24 July 2018. The workshop will be held before the EASST conference. The keynoters are Susan Robertson and Mark Carrigan. DL: March 30

> CfP: “Political Economy of Trust“, a workshop at Istanbul Technical University (Istanbul, Turkey), 4th May, 2018. There is no registration fee. DL: March 30

CfP: “Evolutionary foundations at a crossroad: Assessments, outcomes and implications for policy makers“, the 30th European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy conference, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (Nice, France), 6-8 September, 2018. The keynoters are Richard Nelson and  Sidney Winter. There are various research areas including economic sociology, institutional change, comparative political economy, and more. DL: March 31

> CfP: “Karl Marx in the 21st Century” International Symposium, Hosei University (Tokyo, Japan), 22-23 December, 2018. DL: March 31 

> CfP: The 19th Conference of the International Association for the Economics of Participation, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), July 12-14, 2018. The keynoters are  Jan Svejnar and Avner Ben-Ner. A partial reimbursement is available for participants from developing economies and students. DL: March 31

PhD scholarships:

Doctoral Fellowships at the Max Planck Sciences Po Center on Coping with Instability in Market Societies, Sciences Po (Paris, France). Research topics should be situated in economic sociology, political economy, or economic or political history. DL: March 15. Recommended.

5 PhD fellowships in Development Studies, the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). DL: March 15

> PhD studentship “Understanding Migrant Workers Collective Organising in the Service Economy”, Nottingham University Business School. DL: March 9

> PhD position “The 2008 UK financial crisis: policy, regulatory and state capture?“, University of Nottingham (UK). DL: March 16

> PhD Scholarship on “Informality, informal or shadow economies, with a specific focus on the former USSR region“, Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction, Dublin City University (Ireland). DL: March 22

> 3 PhD positions within the project “Legitimacy, Financialization, and Varieties of Capitalism: Understanding Sovereign Wealth Funds in Europe” at the Maastricht University (The Netherlands). PhD position 1 – “Global Political Economy“; PhD position 2 – “International Political Economy“; PhD position 3 – “Comparative Political Economy“. DL: March 28 

2 PhD positions in the research group of the Chair of Political Economy and Development, Department of Political Science, University of Zurich. DL: March 30 

PhD Position in Sociology “Social Inequalities in Children’s Skills Development: A Longitudinal Project“, Trinity College Dublin (Dublin, Ireland). DL: March 31

Summer schools:

> CfA: “Historical perspectives on neoliberalism: Political Economy and Social history since 1970” PhD seminar, Max Planck Sciences Po Center on Coping with Instability in Market Societies (Sciences Po, Paris), May 16-18, 2018. No participation fees; travel and accommodation costs will be covered. DL: March 15. Recommended.

> CfA: “Doing Research with Social Network Analysis: Tools, Theories and Applications” summer school for researchers and students, Thuke Centre for Business Network Analysis at the University of Greenwich (London, UK), 13-15 June, 2018. Fee includes breakfasts and lunches

CfA: “Economy and Society” Summer School, Blackwater Castle, Cork (Ireland), 14-18 May, 2018, Fees cover accommodation, food, and entertainments. DL: March 31

Job openings:

Professorship in Sociology with a focus on Digitalization and Industrial Development (full-time, permanent), The Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz (Austria). DL: March 8 

Full Professor of Socioeconomics of Work (permanent), Department of Socioeconomics, Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria). DL: March 11

Professorship in comparative labour market analysis, the Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). DL: March 15 

Postdoctoral positions:

Early stage researcher to work on “The impact of economic populism on inequality” as part of the FATIGUE project (three-year position), Corvinus University of Budapest  (Years 1 and 3) and University College London (Year 2). DL: March 15

A Post-doc in Sociology of Work (full-time, three years), the Department of Sociology, Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany). DL: March 15

Early stage researcher to work on ” The impact of economic populism on growth and convergence” at FATIGUE project (3-year position), Corvinus University of Budapest  (Years 1 & 3) & University College London (Year 2). DL: March 15

3 post-doctoral fellows to work on the ethical and policy issues raised by long-term changes in the labor market (one year), New York University’s Global Institute for Advanced Study. DL: March 16

> Postdoctoral Research Fellow to explore ethnographically how energy analysts and traders in the financial sector conceptualise and value oil (3-year position), the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews (Scotland, UK). DL: March 16

Post-doctoral Fellowship “Asian Capitalisms: Diversity and Institutional Change” by Fondation France-Japon, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris. DL: March 31

Research grants:

The John E. Rovensky Fellowships in US Business or Economic History for enrolled PhD students, The University of Illinois Foundation. DL: March 9

> Research grant to study inequalities and skills acquisition in young people by  Global Challenges Research Fund. DL: March 22 


> The ASA Economic Sociology section’s awards (Zelizer Award for Best Book, Granovetter Award for Best Article, Burt Best Student Paper Award). DL for all: March 15

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