BITS & BRIEFS: How multinationals avoid taxes // Finance needs households // Discourse on privilege benefits elites // Gender stereotypes in economics // Shell-based currency // Shopping and Enclave Urbanism

This time, especially worth reading  – and sharing – articles:

> How Apple and other multinationals avoid taxes and accountability: A network study of offshore finance — by Jan Fichtner

Financial capitalism remains deeply dependent on households, even as it obscures their significance — by Caitlin Zaloom

> The parallel languages of responsibility (as a demand aimed at the poor) and privilege (a charge lobbed at the rich) benefit the elites by requiring that rewards be given to those who “deserve” them, instead of pushing for structural reforms — by Sean McCann

Gender stereotyping in economics: talks about men-economists focus on professional issues, about women on personal matters — findings by Alice H. Wu

> When the Great Depression broke out, California’s coastal town issued its own shell-based numbered and signed currency

“Awareness of history must enter economic theory… [This] would save us from self-defeating arrogance” — by Amit Bhaduri

Unlike in the US and Europe, malls are booming in Mexico: “Enclave Urbanism”, local globality, and consumerism — by Madeleine Wattenbarger

Offshore Financial Centers

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