Erich Fromm: Man is a cog in the vast economic machine


Erich Fromm:

“In capitalism economic activity, success, material gains, become ends in themselves. It becomes man’s fate to contribute to the growth of the economic system, to amass capital, not for purposes of his own happiness or salvation, but as an end in itself. Man became a cog in the vast economic machine – an important one if he had much capital, an insignificant one if he had none – but always a cog to serve a purpose outside of himself.”

Fromm, Erich. 1941. Escape from Freedom. New York : Rinehart (p. 95)

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  1. Interesting trivia for all. When I was briefly Bernie Sanders’ roommate at the University of Chicago in 1963, he was reading this book. I’d read it already so we discussed it then.

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