BITS & BRIEFS: Jens Beckert // Humanities and finance // Globalization as an idea // Black Neoliberalism // Bridging Comparative Political Economy and Economic Sociology

Congratulations to Jens Beckert on being awarded Germany’s highest scientific award Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize (€2.5 million in research funds) for his work in reinvigorating the social sciences with an interdisciplinary perspective, especially in the intersection of sociology and economics. Beckert, the director at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne and a leading economic sociologist, is one of the few social scientists to receive this honor which historically favors natural sciences.

> Humanities have a sound expertise to understand finance because it is entangled with narrative and realism — by Michelle Chihara

Capturing ideas, capturing economists: Globalization and Free Trade’s rise and fall — by Nikil Saval

> The distance between Comparative Political Economy and Economic Sociology should be bridged — urges Sascha Münnich in the Economic Sociology European Newsletter devoted to this topic

The genealogy of Black Neoliberalism and “progressive conservatism”: From Ed Brooke to Barack Obama —  by Leah Wright Rigueur

The Millennial housing trend of communal living is a return to the Middle Ages common practice — by Ilana E. Strauss


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