BITS & BRIEFS: NY Fiscal Crisis and austerity politics // Capitalism v. Nature // Employer is more powerful than a state // On derivatives with Randy Martin // Currency without Central Bank

This time — especially worth reading (and sharing) articles:

How bankers and technocrats used the 1975 New York Fiscal Crisis to permanently reshape the city: the early and exemplary case of imposing neoliberal austerity — an interview with Kim Phillips-Fein, an author of Fear City: New York’s Fiscal Crisis And The Rise Of Austerity Politics

> Capitalism is a way of organizing nature… [It looks for] new parts of nature that have not been commodified or brought into the cash nexus” — an interview with Jason W. Moore, an author of Capitalism in the Web of Life 

How did employers gain power over nowadays workers’ lives that the government itself doesn’t hold? Miya Tokumitsu’s insightful reflection on James Livingston’s No More Work and Elizabeth Anderson’s Private Government

Randy Martin: “Derivatives emerge from the space between the measurable and the immeasurable”. McKenzie Wark analyzes derivatives and their logics through Martin’s intellectual contribution

The odd case of orphaned currency: Since 1991 Somali shillings are in circulation without Central Bank — by J.P. Koning


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