SASE deadline is approaching and a reminder

SASE Berkeley

The Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics is THE scholarly and professional organization of economic sociologists and political economists. Its meetings are always intellectual fetes because of the richness of insightful contents and a warm stimulating atmosphere.
The SASE 28th Annual Conference “Moral Economies, Economic Moralities” will take place at the University of California, Berkeley, on June 24-26, 2016. SASE has 16 active Research Networks focusing on various aspects of the socio-political study of the economy and during the meeting will be also held 17 thematic mini-conferences.
Pay attention: the final deadline for abstracts is February 1st. Submit now, so as not to regret later 🙂

On this occasion I would like to kindly remind you that the main goal of this ES/PE blog is to be the library of the Economic Sociology and Political Economy community.  In other words, as a subscriber of this blog you get only substantive contentsBUT you do not get practical and relevant academic updates such as important calls for papers for conferences and workshops, graduate and post-doc fellowships, grants and job openings ads. In order not to miss this plenty of useful information, you are welcome to follow us on our social media pages: Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin / Google+ / Reddit / Tumblr

the greatest inspiration is the deadline

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