Economy in Changing Society: Consumptions, Markets, Organizations

economy in changing societyEconomy is embedded in ongoing concrete social networks, and economic processes are increasingly international in character. Taking into account these interrelated processes, a new edited volume Economy in Changing Society: Consumptions, Markets, Organizations and Social Policies presents various cases concerning globalization, development of post-industrial societies, and transformation of European post-socialist countries. This collection, edited by Maria Nawojczyk,  includes chapters on: ethical consumption from the perspective of the moral economy and its connection to political institutions in Europe; the cultural context of consumption, both in the case of social networks in Bangladesh and of counterfeited goods on the Russian market; the new and old, individual and organizational actors in transition economies, for instance in Poland and Croatia; the dynamics of managerial practices in the example of Russia; the influence of EU funds and policies on the Polish SMEs market; the cultural embeddedness of economic behavior, in the case of Poles working in the Scottish market and of entrepreneurs in Damascus; the retirement policy in the fast aging societies of Spain and Poland; and, the emergence of the new markets, like that of health services, in Russia and that of the property market in Eastern and Central Europe.

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