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Economics of Simplism, or why some countries are rich and others poor

“The use of knowledge by one producer does not prevent its use by others. Thus there is no inherent reason that producers in poor countries cannot use the same knowledge as producers in rich countries. If the relevant knowledge is publicly available, poor countries … Continue reading

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Global Political Economy and Its Discontents: Power, Politics and Investment Treaties in Developing Countries

There is a widely accepted opinion among a general public, policy makers and economists that investment treaties between the West and developing countries greatly benefit the latter. But is this view correct? Well, for sure the story is far more complex than it seems. An interesting … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism in the Global South: the shift in development strategies

Despite the fact that the first substantially neoliberal regime was actually in the far South, the civil-military dictatorship in Chile, neoliberalism is generally attributed to western and developed countries. “Where in the world does Neoliberalism come from? The market agenda … Continue reading

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Global South – Global North intersection in one striking photo

African migrants and refugees, caught for several hours on the border fence between Spain’s North African enclave of Melilla and Morocco, look down on white-clad golfers. (See details here). This striking and surreal photo reminded me Ulrich Beck’s observation: “No … Continue reading

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Eric Helleiner’s new book: “Forgotten Foundations of Bretton Woods: International Development & Making of the Postwar Order”

As Helleiner did in his excellent previous influential works, in this new book he presents in intellectually-engaging manner a thoughtful and bright analysis which is a must-read for economic sociologists and political economists interested in studying institutions, international political economy and power … Continue reading

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