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Who is in Control of Markets: Humans or Financial Models?

by Ekaterina Svetlova* The recent stock market correction raised again the question of who is in control of markets: humans or technology. Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman said on CNBC that „humans are definitely in charge of the decisions in the market” … Continue reading

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Slavoj Žižek: Why our guilt about consumption is all-consuming?

Slavoj Žižek: “One should introduce the distinction between pleasure and enjoyment elaborated by the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan: what Lacan calls jouissance (enjoyment) is a deadly excess beyond pleasure, which is by definition moderate. We thus have two extremes: on the one … Continue reading

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Accountants’ Truth and Economic (Im)morality: Knowledge and Ethics in the Financial World

Accounting is the language of business, increasingly standardized across the world through powerful global corporations: a technical skill used to reach the correct, unquestionable answer. Yet, as corporate scandals have shown, a whole range of financial professionals (auditors, bankers, analysts, … Continue reading

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Values and Networks: Former Classmates invest in the Same Stocks

“Is College a Focal Point of Investor Life?” (free access) is an interesting article published in Review of Finance by Massimo Massa and Andrei Simonov, in which they analyze the link between college interaction and portfolio choice. The researchers consider both the general imprinting … Continue reading

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Identity Economics: Economists discover norms and social values

George Akerlof and Rachel Kranton’s Identity Economics: How Our Identities Shape Our Work, Wages, and Well-Being provides an important and compelling way to understand human behavior, revealing how our identities–and not just economic incentives–influence our decisions. In 1995, economist Rachel Kranton … Continue reading

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