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Dear email subscribers and WordPress subscribers to the Economic Sociology and Political Economy community blog, this post is mainly for you. Wouldn’t you like to know and recall, what we talked about the day before the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences announcement in 2018 or 2015? Wouldn’t you be interested to remember what was the most read post in 2014 and how it foresaw the recent Pope Francis rebuke of capitalism and “market freedom”? Of course you would! So how do you do that? Easily! Just follow the ES/PE community also on FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagramWhatsapp, Tumblr, Telegram, or Reddit. On these ‘social media’, in addition to new posts, our best and most intriguing past posts are constantly shared. Since the ES/PE community foundation in the turbulent summer of 2011, several thousands entries, links and posts have been aired. In my clearly unbiased opinion, many of them are worth rereading, thinking over and circulating. Others reflect changes the academic and public fields of Economic Sociology and Political Economy have gone through and in this way they show the progress that has been achieved.
To this I will add a fascinating new aspect. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about an evident change: widespread conduct of webinars and lectures on Zoom or similar videoconferencing applications. Any lecture is a click away! So, I recently started to post on Facebook and Twitter announcements of promising and very interesting webinars taking place in universities all over the world. This kind of information will be exclusively publicized on social media because of the dynamic nature of these events. This is another significant reason to join us on Facebook and Twitter.
The ES/PE community is the largest global online scholarly society — we count currently more than 65,000 members on all our platforms. But deliberate algorithm manipulations by Tech giants we rely on decrease the exposure and reduce the virality our posts. So in order to possibly overcome this profit-driven blockage, if you already liked ES/PE on Facebook, you should join also ES/PE on Twitter and LinkedIn — then the probability of missing our contents is likely to lessen. Recently, ES/PE Whatsapp and Telegram channels were launched — and they quickly become popular due to wide distribution of these mobile apps.
So, see you on social media! Of course, feel free to invite your colleagues, students and friends interested to better understand the socio-political foundations and features of the economy and economics. 
Thanks! Oleg Komlik 


  1. Thank you for reaching to us Oleg! One of the great community blogs for social scientists and enthusiasts.

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