B&B: Piketty – Covid-19 is an opportunity // Gendered lens on Covid-19 // Economic histories of pandemics // Pharma and the shareholder value // Network, not skills // Nature’s economics

> “Inequality is neither random nor unfortunate; it is structurally engineered, legally enforced, and politically and ideologically driven.” Gendered impacts of COVID-19 on work and workers — by Joanne Conaghan

> What were pandemics’ effect on markets, prices and wages throughout the history? Jamie Catherwood presents concise economic reviews of the 14th century Black Death, the 1892 cholera outbreak and the 1918 Spanish Influenza.

> Thomas Piketty: Covid-19 crisis has exposed the “violence of social inequality… We should take this opportunity of this crisis, and after the 2008 financial crisis, to just rethink not only about our health policy and investing more in hospitals, which is a just conclusion from this crisis, but also to rethink about our economic model more generally and moving toward more equality, more sustainability.”

> “Like no other sector, the Pharma Industry puts a spotlight on how the political economy of science is a matter of life and death.” William Lazonick and his colleagues scrutinize the US Pharma’s financialized business model and its underlying the shareholder value idea.

> Following the collapse of socialist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe, some new businesses have been driven by the networks and resources associated with former membership of the ruling party rather than with entrepreneurial skills — by Artjoms Ivlevs, Milena Nikolova and Olga Popova.

> Congratulations to notable political economist David Soskice, economic sociologist Victor Nee, and inequality and urban scholar Mary Pattillo on being elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences. On this festive occasion let us feature some of their important books: Democracy and Prosperity (Iversen and Soskice 2019) & Varieties of Capitalism (Hall and Soskice 2001)Remaking the American Mainstream (Alba and Nee 2005) & Capitalism from Below (Nee and Opper 2012); Black Picket Fences: Privilege and Peril among the Black Middle Class (Pattillo 1999) & Black on the Block: The Politics of Race and Class in the City (Pattillo 2007)

> An interesting, from various perspectives, move by a leading science journal Nature: “Nature will soon appoint an economics editor… Economists, natural and social scientists and engineers must all engage with and learn from each other”

Capitalism books

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