Great academic opportunities: 24 calls for papers, 17 jobs, 4 postdocs, 2 grants, 2 workshops, a PhD fellowship, a short visiting post

Dear ES/PE community member, see below an abundant list of great academic opportunities: call for papers24 calls for papers for conferences and workshops (some are partially or fully funded), 17 job openings, 4 post-doc and temporary positions, 2 research grants, 2 training workshopsa PhD fellowship, a short visiting post — in various areas of economic sociology, political economy, and related fields, with September 9 – October 14 deadlinesShare this post with your colleagues and students. Good luck!

Calls for Papers:

> CfP: “Inclusive growth in cities: Theory, evidence and practice” conference, University of Manchester (UK), 19 – 20 November 2019. DL: September 9

> CfP: “Inequality, education, and intergenerational mobility”, The Joachim Herz Foundation workshop, Hamburg (Germany), December 12-13, 2019. Two nights of lodging will be covered; travel funds available. DL: September 15

> CfP: “Between History, Economy and Finance. Public and Private Accounting in Europe in the Modern and Contemporary Age“, the 6th International Conference on the History of Accounting, Archivio Storico del Banco di Napoli (Naples, Italy), 7-9 November 2019. DL: September 15

> CfP: “Law and Political Economy: Democracy After Neoliberalism”, The Law and Political Economy Project’s inaugural conference, Yale Law School (USA), April 3-4, 2020. No fee; participants’ hotel accommodations will be covered; travel expenses will be covered for anyone without sufficient funding. DL: September 15

> CfP: “The Afterlives of Development” International Conference, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Beer-Sheva, Irael), January 6-7, 2020. DL: September 15

> CfP: The 1st Workshop on Climate Change and Inequality, Copenhagen Business School’s Inequality Platform (Denmark), November 7-8, 2019. The keynoter: John Hassler. Participation is free; meals will be provided. DL: September 15

> CfP: “Innovation networks in regional development” workshop, Research Centre of Economic Analysis and Public Policy, Corvinus University, Budapest (Hungary), 29-30 November, 2019. Participation is free; meals are covered. DL: September 15

> CfP: The 15th Italian Society of Law and Economics annual conference, University of Milan (Italy), December 19-21, 2019. The keynoters: Katharina Pistor, Kaushik Basu, Stefan Grundmann. DL: September 15

> CfP: “Time, Space and Political Economy“, the 3rd Annual Meeting of the the Portuguese Association of Political Economy, University of Porto (Portugal), 30 January – 1 February, 2020. DL: September 16

> CfP: “How public policy affects wellbeing and inequalities” workshop, the Welfare State and Taxation Unit of the Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics and Public Policy, Bocconi University (Milano, Italy). The keynoters: Janet Currie, Andrew Clark. Two nights of accommodation will be provided. DL: September 22

> CfP: “Alternative Research Perspectives in Business Disciplines” conference, University of Technology Sydney (Australia), 2-3 December 2019. DL: September 23

> CfP: “The Political Economy of International Organization”, The 13th Annual Conference, the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, Vancouver (Canada), February 20-22, 2020. No registration fee. DL: September 30

> CfP: “Challenges of the 21st Century: Democracy, Environment, Inequalities, Intersectionality“, the International Sociological Association Forum for Sociology, Porto Alegre (Brazil), 14-18 July 2020. Look at the special calls of various ISA research committees: RC02 Economy and Society, RC09 Social Transformations and Sociology of Development, RC19 Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy, RC30 Sociology of Work, RC44 Labour Movements and more. DL: September 30

> CfP: “Roads to Resilience“, the 4th Financial Inclusion Conference and Workshop, Sydney (Australia), 18-19 March, 2020. The keynoters: Sharon Collard, Frederick Wherry. DL: September 30

> CfP: The 36th conference of International Association for Research in Income and Wealth, Oslo (Norway), August 24-28, 2020. DL: September 30

> CfP: “Power Sharing or Power Shifts? Examining the role of public-private interactions in global governance“, emerging scholars’ workshop, School of Governance, Technical University of Munich (Germany),  28-29 November, 2019. One night’s accommodation will be covered. DL: September 30

> CfP: “Economic and Financial Networks“, NetSci Workshop for junior scholars, Waseda University, Tokyo (Japan), January 23rd, 2020. To attend the workshop, registration with the NetSci-X 2020 main conference is mandatory (January 20-23) — Rates for students are low. Travel stipend available. DL: September 30

> CfP: “Development Today: Accumulation, Surveillance, Redistribution”, Mini-Conference Themes Proposals for the SASE annual meeting at the University of Amsterdam, 18-20 July 2020. DL: September 30

> CfP: “World-Systems Analysis in a Critical Juncture”, the 44th Annual Conference on the Political Economy of the World-System, Department of Sociology at the University of Maryland and The Arrighi Center for Global Studies at Johns Hopkins University (MD, USA), April 10-11, 2020. DL: October 1

> CfP: “Collaboration in Business and Business History”, the Annual Meeting of the Business History Conference, Charlotte Marriott City Center (North Carolina, USA), March 12-14, 2020. DL: October 1

> CfP: “Good economics in the good economy?” workshop  as a part of the ERC project “Enacting the Good Economy: Biocapitalization and the Little Tools of Valuation”, University of Oslo (Norway), 14-15 October 2019. The keynoters: Kristin Asdal, Eve Chiapello, Andrew Barry. DL: October 2

> CfP: “The Future of Work” conference, University of Birmingham (UK), 2–3 April, 2020. The keynoters: Jacqueline O’Reilly, Daniel Susskind. No conference fee; limited travel and accommodation support will be offered. DL: October 4

> CfP: “Global flow of commodity, money, people, and knowledge“, Applied Network Science‘s special issue. DL: October 7

> CfP: “Prospects of Money: Theories, Developments, and Research Perspectives” workshop for junior scholars, Hamburg Institute for Social Research (Germany), January 23-24, 2020. Travel and accommodation costs are covered. DL: October 14

PhD Fellowship:

> The Facebook Fellowship for PhD students involved in on-going research on Social and Economic Policy, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, more. DL: October 4 

Training workshop:

> CfA: “Working with European Union Labour Force Survey” training course, The GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Mannheim (Germany), 27-29 November 2019. DL: September 30 

> CfP: “Capital”, a Workshop by Arvind Institute of Marxist Studies, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh, India), November 3-9, 2019. Lodging & food will be provided. DL: October 7

Short Visiting Position:

> “Transtemporal Capitalism”, a funded 3-month Visiting Fellowships at the Institute for European Global Studies, University of Basel (Switzerland). DL: September 29

Postdoctoral and Temporary Positions: 

> A postdoctoral researcher to join studying the Evolution of Industrial  Modernity, University of Tartu (Estonia). DL: September 16

Research Scientist in the Social Study of Markets, College of Business, University College Dublin. The successful candidate will be a member of a five year project “Misfires and Market Innovation: Toward a Collaborative Turn in Organising Markets”. DL: September 20

> Postdoctoral researcher in philosophy of economics to contribute to the research theme “Values in Finance”, The Erasmus University project “Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity” (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). DL: September 30

> Post-doc researcher to support a project on the links between social trust, economic inequality, and governance outcome, United Nations University’s World Institute for Development Economics Research (Helsinki, Finland). DL: October 4

Research Grants:

> Decent Work Standards in the Platform Economy in the Global South“, one-year funded partnerships with the Fairwork project. DL: September 19

>  “The Digitalisation of Working Worlds. Conceptualising and Capturing a Systemic Transformation”, German Research Foundation. DL: October 1

Job openings:

> Head of Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). DL: September 10

> Faculty member in Work, Employment, and Organizations, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). DL: September 13

> Associate Professorship of Development Studies, Department of International Development, Oxford University (UK). DL: September 13

> Assistant Professor in International Political Economy, London School of Economics and Political Science (UK). DL: September 15

> A tenure-track assistant professor in Sociology specializing in Inequality, The School of History and Sociology at Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia, USA). DL: September 15

Full-time Assistant Professor of Stratification and Inequality, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto (Canada). DL: September 16

> Lectureship in Economic History, The Department of Political Economy, King’s College London (UK). DL: September 22

> A Tenure Track Professor of Social Stratification and Inequality, the Institute of  Education, Labor and Society, University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart, Germany). DL: September 22

> Full Professor of International Political Economy, Department of Socioeconomics, Vienna University of Economics and Business. DL: September 25

> Assistant professor (tenure track) in sociology with a focus on market techniques, Center for the Sociology of Organizations, Sciences Po (France). DL: September 30

> Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Sociology in Global Inequality, Department of Sociology and Anthropology,Illinois State University (USA). DL: September 30

> Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Social Networks, Department of Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA). DL: September 30

> Senior Lecturer in Employment Relations, Sheffield University’s Management School (England, UK). DL: September 30

> Tenure-track assistant professor in Labor Movements and Collective Representation, Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations (Ithaca, New York, USA). DL: October 1

> A tenure-track Assistant Professor in Political Economy,  Department of Sociology, University of Tennessee – Knoxville (USA). DL: October 7 

Assistant Professor in Development Studies (tenure track), The International Institute of Social Studies, (The Hague, The Netherlands). DL: October 7

> Assistant Professor in Economic Sociology, Department of Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science. DL: October 14

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