B&B: Geographies of tax evasion // Artifices of the Chicago School // Socialism in the US // Profit and Gift in the Digital Economy // German corporate entrepreneurs // Mortgage fraud

What do we know about the geographies of tax evasion and tax havens? The essence and details – by Manuel B. Aalbers

The artifices of the Chicago School of economics, the limits of  neoliberalism,  and moving beyond the laws of the market — an interview with Will Davies 

debsparty A century ago, Socialism appeared as an actual political alternative in the US. Why and how did it happen and end? — by Melvyn Dubofsky

> “An ontology for the digital age?” Jamie Morgan’s review of David Elder-Vass’ Profit and Gift in the Digital Economy

German immigrants and the promotion of corporate entrepreneurship in 19th Century America — by Robert Wright

> Nearly 25% of 2003-05 residential mortgage loans in the US contained one or more indications of fraud. The rates of mortgage fraud were higher in areas with a larger share of loans originated by independent mortgage companies and higher levels of racial segregation; it was less prevalent where government-sponsored enterprises purchased a larger share of the loans sold in secondary mortgage markets. 

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