BITS & BRIEFS: Economics is the biggest problem // Gramsci’s hegemony and the Left // Neoliberalism and Higher Education // Incarceration and children’s achievement gap // Trading votes

Reducing our relations to calculations of cost and benefit, disciplined by competition and mediated by the manifold devices of economics, we run the risk of losing our humanity — by Philip Roscoe

Stuart Hall on Gramsci’s ‘hegemony’ and ‘regressive modernisation’ of Thatcherism: shifting the relations of forces and building a new left modernity

Neoliberalism and Higher Education: labor flexibilization, bureaucratization, and corporatization in a public university — by Sasha Breger Bush, Lucy Ware McGuffey, Tony Robinson

High rates of parental incarceration generate the racial gap in education and health among prisoners’ children — by Leila Morsy

Trading parliamentary votes for private gain: logrolling in the approval of new railways in 19th century Britain — by Rui Esteves and Gabriel Geisler Mesevage


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