BITS & BRIEFS: In praise of cash // Mechanical Turn in economics // Financialization of Higher Education // Economics of racial violence // Decline in manufacturing shapes family structure

Cashless society is a bank-controlled society. Cash money is a great public good, important for rich and poor alike — asserts Brett Scott

The Mechanical Turn in economics and its consequences. Instead of exploring the inner structure of interest, community feeling, or the impact of culture, these were assumed to be irrelevant to the market —  argues Douglass Carmichael

The Financialization of Higher Education: risky swap deals are booming, conflicts of interests are intensifying, while student debt is increasing — a report by Dominic Russel, Carrie Sloan, Alan Smith 

Economics of racial violence: lynching, interests, and status anxiety of white US southerners. Megan Ming Francis on the groundbreaking work of Ida B. Wells  

Decline in manufacturing employment is shaping family structure; When Factory Jobs Vanish, “marriageable” men wane too 

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