BITS & BRIEFS: Habermas, capitalism and democracy // British class system // Neoliberalism and Digital Humanities // Food Industrial Complex // Promoting knowledge or special interests

Jürgen Habermas: the great thinker in the nexus between capitalism and democracy — a great review essay by William E. Scheuerman of a great book by Stefan Müller-Doohm 

The British class system is becoming more polarized between a prosperous elite and a poor precariat, shows the largest British class survey ever — by Mike Savage

How Digital Humanities, pushed  by university administrators, influenced the neoliberal restructuring of academia — by Daniel Allington, Sarah Brouillette, and David Golumbia 

>  Why pizza is a vegetable and how to nourish profits: The power and hypocrisy of the Food Industrial Complex

> Promoting knowledge or special interests? Are they think tank researchers, scholars or corporate consultants?  – It depends on the day

Jürgen Habermas
Jürgen Habermas

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