Joan Robinson: Economics has always been partly a vehicle for the ruling ideology

Economics… has always been partly a vehicle for the ruling ideology of each period as well as partly a method of scientific investigation.”                                                                                                                                                         (Robinson 1962: 7)

joan robinsonJoan Robinson (1903 – 1983) was a British post-Keynesian eminent economist well known for her work on monetary economics and wide-ranging influential contributions to economic theory. Robinson’s gender and her expertise in Marxism prevented her from winning the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences and have slowed her advance in academia. She taught at Cambridge University from 1928 until retiring in 1971, but in spite of a very prolific career and intellectual impact, she received a full professor only in 1965. In 1979, though, she was the first woman to become a honorary fellow at King’s College.

The quote above taken from her book Economic Philosophy (p. 7) which you may free download here: Robinson, Joan. 1962. Economic Philosophy. London: C. A. Watts.

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